Listening and reading news in level

Listening and reading  news in level is a good way to help your students to improve their english. It is a great page with more than 2,000 world news .

Listening and reading news in level allow your students  to improve their English naturally and fast. All the articles are short and  use words which are used in English often. Each article is written in 3 levelsLevel 1 has the 1000 most important words. Level 2 has the 2000 most important words. Level 3 has the 3000 most important words.

If your students could  read and listen to two articles every day, their  reading and listening skills can improve fast.

Listening and reading news in level is a free  site  both for students and teachers. It  is also a great resource for English teachers who would like to discuss current world issues in the class.

But.. there are more things apart from reading and listening with news in level:

You have also people in levels  where you can meet the stories of people learning English.

Listening and reading english having fun with jokes in levels.


An audio book written for level 2 and 3

Learning english with songs is also a good way to teach english.


Teaching kids to sew


 Teaching kids to sew it’s a great idea. A fun way to reduce children’s technology usage. Just simple! Teach your kids to make their own  toys based on drawings using  and easy simple methods. Even a four-year-old can do it! Teach your kids have fun by learning how to sew…. just only… ¡teach your kids and have  fun!

This is Mrs Angela Lee’s  contribution to this page, based on one of her art club  for elementary students mother’s idea. 

Thank you both of you!   So,you will find some good ideas in the different sections below.

Click on the below tab you are interested.

“…are you looking to teaching kids to sew? If yes, we have brought together some great little sewing projects for kids” This is how Maggy starts giving us ideas  that children between the ages of 3yrs and 8yrs old can  make by themselves.

She shares her many  great craft ideas apart from her tips on her teaching tips 


Little felt heart ornaments that also work really well as “ heart keyrings.


 Felt button star ornaments  that children can make  as a present. 

A very  cute Monster Purse DIY!

an adorable Felt heart mobile for kids to sew – or make the hearts as little ornaments/ book bag charms or key chains.

 Fabric petal flower (intermediate child sewer). Technically it isn’t that much harder, but may require a little more finger strength as you need to push the needle through several layers of fabric.

 Turned the felt bunnies into a Felt Bunny Brooch – an adorable little Easter Craft or gift that kids can make!

She has many other ideas as she shows in  these Christmas Sewing Projects for Kids too!



 In this page of teaching kids to sew I have found these ideas  from Amy Friend of During Quiettime

in her page gives us these free 5 easy tips  to teach a child to sew 

Maybe this is not a page mainly for teaching kids how to sew, but perhaps you can discover that your child is interested in learning how to sew with mom

From this page   you can discover that learning to sew can be an exciting process. It’s important to master the functions and features of a sewing machine when you want to begin sewing. Once you know how to operate your sewing machine, you can begin learning basic skills.Little by little you can advance to more difficult projects.

 Here you have some ideas


Preparation to Sew (PDF)  Learn about the steps about fabric and pattern preparation

How to Sew a Button on a Shirt Easy guide to fix loose or detached buttons.

Sewing With Nancy  Watch videos from this TV series to learn tips and tricks for your sewing projects.

Sewing Overview (PDF) Simple and basic projects sewing guide:travel kit or a tissue holder 

Magical Pillowcase Tutorial (PDF)  Simple project: a pillowcase

Teach Yourself to Sew: Patterns 101 Video to understand and use a sewing pattern.

How to Read a Sewing Pattern (PDF) A guide to learn more about how to use a sewing pattern.

Jean Pocket Purse (PDF) Jean pocket purse from an old pair of jeans. 

Easy-to-Sew Pillows   How to make your own colorful pillows to brighten up a room.

Sewing Machine Safety (PDF) Sewing machine safety guidelines.

Making a Sock Monster   With a pair of socks and some basic sewing supplies.

Sewing Synthetic Suedes  Tips when you work with synthetic suede to ensure that your finished result is correct.

Tips and Techniques: PressingPressing with an iron  to ensure sewing success.

Sewing With Micro-Fibers   Micro-fiber fabric  guidelines for a positive finished result.

Designer Pillowcase (PDF) easy-to-follow instructions.

Creative Kindness Hats to Wear and Share (PDF)  Instruction sheet for different patterns  and attractive hats. Many of them suitable for beginners.

Enlarge a Pattern (PDF)Instructions for making a pattern larger.

How to Sew Simple Cloth Dinner Napkins  Instructions to make a classy accent for your next dinner party.

Sewing Machine Buying Tips  e Tips to help you explore various sewing machines to choose the best one. 

Thread Essentials (PDF) To ensure a successful project, choose thread in the correct weight and finish.

Men’s Day-to-Day Sewing Tips: Survival Guide   Men can enjoy this hobby, too and may also need sewing skills to perform simple repairs in clothing.

Teach Yourself to Sew: Sewing for Beginners Video Series Learning how to thread your sewing machine as one of the first skills to sew.

Working With Knits  Sewing knits can present some special challenges due to the stretchiness of the fabric.

Easy Sewing Projects  Martha Stewart presents some simple sewing projects for people learning how to sew.

How We Tested: Sewing Machines Good Housekeeping tested several sewing machines. Explore the results of this test to help you choose a sewing machine.

Travel Companion Neck Pillow (PDF) You can sew your own travel neck pillow for your flights.

Sewing Basics (PDF)  Guide provides  with instructions for using a sewing machine, purchasing materials, and performing basic sewing processes.

Stuffed Menswear Bunny   Make an adorable stuffed bunny from used men’s clothing .

Guide to Sewing Hems (PDF) Guide to learn various ways to sew hems.

Notions Guide  Notions you will need about  needles, needle threaders, pins, seam rippers, thimbles, scissors, and more.

In this video tutorial you can learn how to sew an adorable, easy fabric purse with a jeweled flower embellishment. It is also  sharing the  tips on how to teach kids to sew !


reading comprehension on line

Reading comprehension on line to improve your english and to teach. In you will find out very interesting reading comprehension with activities on line apart from many other resources based in different school subjetcs. This webpage includes many  with games also  as it is shown below.

The reading comprehensions are organised in 5 different grades: 

Grades 1 and 2

Grades 3 and up

Grades  4 and up 

Grades 5+

What it’s very interesting indeed is that   in grades 1 and 2 you also have the audio.

Of course, you have also questions on line related with the reading.


Learning english with audio books

Learning english with audiobooks

Learning english with audio books is a great technique to improve and learn english.

Lit2go is a great destination for audio and video learning. It contains over 50.000 educational audio books, podcast and videos. You have more than 160 titles.

How does this page work?

As an example I have chosen Oliver Twist

1.Choose your title from the collection and click on it.

4. And… here you are!


2. Go to: ” get this free title from”



3. As many books are divided in chapter, choose yours

There many more things apart  for literature as it is shown.


28 boring words & what to use instead

Alternative to 28 boring words

Words like new, next, things, feel, seem, best, young, just, almost, right, old, long, other, important, sad, happy, good, bad, like, nice, only, real, sweet, funny, little, bit, pretty or smart.

Are you bored of using the same common words? Here you have these 28 boring words: alternatives to make your speech more varied and exciting


Alternative to 28 boring words

In this infographic there are a selected  number of alternatives that you can use instead and that help you to make your speech and writing more varied and exciting.


Change your 28 boring words for new ones. Many people use the same words again and again. So, you can change a little bit.

You have only to change  28  boring words like new, next, things, feel, seem, best, young, just, almost, right, old, long, other, important, sad, happy, good, bad, like, nice, only, real, sweet, funny, little, bit, pretty or smart into new ones.

As a result, your writing and speech, will improve.


This infographic with 28 boring words has gently shared by 


Free PPT’s templates- revise and play



This is a very useful blog created by an english language teacher in Japan that offers a great collection of free power points, excel and word  templates .

They are useful games to learn, and play.

Here you will find ONLY the templates  and tutorials for help so that you could  use them  in a personal way .

A great and fun way to teach, of course.

And this is my contribution with the game I have created with one of the free templates from tekhnologic:  jeopardy.It revises some vocabulary and grammar: present perfect, present simple and order order of adjectives…


II Plan de atención a la diversidad en Castilla y León


ESO :bloque de asignaturas de libre configuración



Recientemente se ha producido un debate en las Cortes sobre la atención al alumnado con TDAH (trastorno por déficit de atención e hiperactividad)

(haciendo click sobre la imagen tendrás acceso al debate)

Tras ver esta interpelación pública uno  sigue haciéndose de bruces ante tanta incompetencia.

Se interpela a la Consejería de Educación sobre unas cuestiones básicas y muy claras. La  Directora General de Educación hace referencia a unas medidas que NADA tienen que ver sobre lo que se trató en Cortes:

1º Hace referencia al protocolo de Sanidad /educación. Un protocolo que deja mucho que desear vista su ineficacia, largo tiempo de espera para las familias y poca credibilidad por parte de los servicios de orientación para incorporar a estos alumnos a la ATDI. Además lo planteado por las Cortes era un equipo de trabajo multidisciplinar de las TRES consejerías…¿dónde está la tercera consejería?

Se establece un mecanismo de detección de TDAH que en muchos casos se desatiende o se niegan a reconocer y, por ende, quedan excluidos de dicho protocolo.

Cuando  por fin se consigue hacer… dista mucho de  la respuesta personalizada a la que se alude. Dicha respuesta ni es integral, ni existen perspectivas multimodales, ni multidisciplinares  salvo algún que otro caso y, en menos casos aún,de intervención educativa. Una atención educativa y asistencial que deja mucho que desear.

Los mecanismos de actuación de los ámbitos implicados consisten en un mero ritual de tres frases y medias escritas en un papel y ni siquiera es siempre así.

2º) Hace referencia a la ley del 3 de Agosto de 2.010 donde se recogen las supuestas medidas de atención a las necesidades educativas específicas. Una ley que, para empezar, más de la  mitad del profesorado desconoce. En segundo lugar, apenas se aplica y en tercer lugar es tan generalista que da lugar a que cada maestrillo siga usando su librillo. La realidad del aula dista mucho de lo que esta Ley implica y, es en muy pocos casos que se ve aplicada.

Dice además que incluye al alumnado TDAH pero, sin embargo,  no queda especificado en NINGÚN apartado de dicha normativa por lo que en los colegios NO se aplica.COSA IMPORTANTE es también que para que sea atendido dicho alumnado y tal y como refleja dicha Ley ha de estar incluído en la ATDI. ¿cómo se puede hacer esto si en muchos casos no se incluye?

3º) Comenta que ha habido una formación del profesorado en el que han participado 600 profesores ¿Que porcentaje de profesorado es ese cuando en Castilla y León la Comunidad más grande de España alberga a miles? 

Se hace referencia a los curso contemplados entre 2010-11 y 2012-13  ¡Estamos en el 2017¿dónde están los cursos realizados de estos otros años?

4º) En ningún momento se recoge el plan específico de atención al alumnado de TDAH que las Cortes aprobaron en su momento.

La intensificación de las medidas educativas para el alumnado con TDAH ha brillado y brilla por su ausencia.

Hace referencia igualmente a la creación de una comisión institucional de seguimiento  del protocolo de TDAH en junio del año 2016. Comisión que sólo ellos deben conocer porque nunca se supo.Dicho trabajo en el que dice contó con las aportaciones de los afectados por TDAH dista un poco de la realidad

5ª) Hubo reuniones en las Cortes de Castilla y León con representantes de las tres Consejerias  en las que se comprometieron  a trabajar con la Federación de TDAH de Castilla y León para la creación del grupo multidisciplinar. Un compromiso que parece haber quedado en el olvido.

La realidad por mucho que quieran vestir a la mona de seda es que:

1ª) NO existe una intervención seria relativa al TDAH

2ª) No existe un plan de atención alumnado con TDAH

3) No se ha creado el equipo multidisciplinar que se aprobó en Cortes en 2010

4º) El TDAH sigue en un terreno pantanoso y gris donde a no ser que haya un estrepitoso fracaso escolar, personal y de vida, no se atiende como corresponde.

5º) Y mucho más  grave  aún es que no sólo no se admiten alumnos con TDAH  en la ATDI a no ser que tengan dos años de retraso curricular. ¡PRECIOSO! Como siempre abocando al fracaso. No prevenimos ni curamos, comenzamos a hacer cuando ya se está en estado de descomposición y con muy pocas posibilidades de éxito escolar. Ya sólo queda que las madres sigan el ejemplo de aquella gran mujer y madre de Edison y que se nos permitan a las madres impartir clases a nuestros hijos (igual que en América) para darles la oportunidad de que puedan llegar a ser y se conviertan futuros fenómenos para nuestra sociedad actual.

6º) Ya que llevan un control y seguimiento y porcentaje de aplicación. ¿dónde están los casos en que se han aplicado para cotejarlo con las  familias afectadas?

7º) Pero para más INRI, aquí no acaba la cosa. No sólo no se atiende como es debido ni en educación, ni en Sanidad al alumnado con TDAH sino que, además y por si todo fuera poco, a aquellos centros que dan una mínima respuesta se les priva de las unidades de PT por no tener, según dicen, suficiente alumnado con dos años de desfase. ¿tenemos que llegar al desfase en una escuela que se hace llamar inclusiva? ¿ no será mucho mejor atender esa inclusividad desde el momento en que se detecta el problema?

¿Es esto atención a la diversidad o es una soberana tomadura de pelo de la Consejería de Educación y todos los estamentos que dicen gobernar?





GREAT EDUCATIONAL web  to search, learn, and explore information on a safe and secure site. Perfect for help with homework or in class. Highly  and perfect visual content that covers all curriculum subjects !

Quizzes, videos and animations to engage and fascinate any child.


Below, more explanations and links about this page that is divided into several sections. 

(click on each tab) 


The animal kingdom,     food chains,     cats,    dogs,    amphibians, mammals,    insects,    reptiles,    birds,    centipedes and millipedes,    fish,    plants,    invertebrates,    habitats and ecosystems,    primates,     whales dolphins and porpoises,    sponges,    aardvark,    anteaters and sloths,    arachnids,    armadillos,    badgers,    bats,    bears,    camels,    cattle,    crustaceans,    deer,    domesticated animals,    earthworms and leeches,    elephants,    giraffes,    hippopotamuses,    horses,    hyenas,    insect-eaters,    jellyfish corals and anemones,    mushrooms,    nocturnal animals,    otters,    pet care,    pigs,    plankton,    plant care,    rabbits and hares,    raccoons,     red pandas,    rhinoceroses,    rodents,    seals lions and walruses,    squids snails and shellfish,    starfish sea urchins and sea cucumbers,    weasels,    what is a living thing?


How do I start coding?,    programming languages,    scratch sprites,    scratch windows,     what is coding?,     what is the internet?,     What is Python?,    What is scratch?,    What is the wide world web?


Dinosaurs,     the first animals,     Cambrian explosion,     fossils,     prehistoric amphibians,    prehistoric fish,    prehistoric invertebrates,    prehistoric mammals,     prehistoric reptiles


Caves,     Coasts,     Continents,     crystals and gems,     deserts,     earthquakes,     glaciers,     landmarks of the world,     meteorite impacts,     mountains,     oceans and seas,     rivers, rock cycle,     rocks and minerals,     seasons,     structure of the Earth,    tectonic plates,     volcanoes,     water cycle,    weather


Adjectives,     antonyms,      nouns,     parts of the speech,     punctuation,    synonyms,     verbs


Stone age,      bronze age,      iron age,     ancient Egypt,    world war I,     world war II,     Vikings,     Aztecs,     Incas,     Mayans,     ancient Greeks,     seven wonders of the world,     castles,     kings and queens,     black death,     Celts,     Tudors,     Victorian Britain,     explorers,     ancient Rome,     Mesopotamia,     Indus valley and civilization,     Mughals,     Modern India,     ancient China, the Napoleonic wars,     the Titanic,     fashion,     Guy Fawques and the gunpowder plot,     Anglo-Saxons,     Ellis-island,     great fire of London,     Maori,     Native Americans,    Nelson Mandela and apartheid,     Normans,     Pirates,     Presidents of United States,     slave trade,    spies,    the American West,    US Civil Rights,


Body defences,    brain and nerves,    digestion,    heart and blood,     keeping healthy,     life cycle,    lungs and breathing,     muscles, the senses,     skeleton and bones,    your amazing body ,   your water works,


Adding and subtracting,     averages,     coordinates,     fractions,     geometry,     numbers,     prime numbers,     times tables,


Musical instruments,     poetry,     Shakespeare’s globe,     types of music,


Amazing inventions,      electricity,      energy,     famous scientists,     forces and motion,     heat,     light,    magnets, materials,     microscopes,      simple machines,    solids liquids and gases,     sound,


Constellations,     life in space,     moon landscapes,     observing space,     the Solar System,    the space race,     the space shuttle,     Sun and Galaxies,


American football,     athletics,      baseball,     basketball,     cricket,     cycling,     football,    golf,    gymnastic,     hockey,     horse riding,    ice hockey,    lacrosse,     skateboarding,      skiing,     snowboarding,     swimming,     tennis,


History of aircraft,     history of cars,     history of tractors,     history of trains,


Braille,     festivals and holidays,     special events,    what does a politician do?,    What is dyslexia? ,    what is a refugee?


About 80 short, fascinating and interesting videos with real facts.

Here there is a video as example: 

If you are interested, there is also a selection of some of the reference books, apps, and educational resources published by DK that you can buy. 

More than 150 quizzes to check your children acknowledgment

Many interesting facts to be discovered

It is also worth in this page their lovely and clear images. Here you have an  example:

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