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Dr. Jean’s finger plays, songs and great ideas for infants

Dr. Jean offers a great range of very good ideas for many differen topics
You will find: songs, finger plays , power points and many more. Among them, transition songs and rhymes for all those special moments
These are lovely ideas that will be perfect for infant education.
Here below, I will leave you videos where you can see the way she does it .
I am sure you will find many useful tricks, finger plays and much more for your young students.And, of course you will have fun just watching it.
Below the videos you will find the list of free resources from Dr. Jean’s page. Of course, there many more but you will have to pay for them .

Finger plays I

Finger plays V

Dr Jean back to school

New project 3

DR. Jean's

This is an exampe of some good ideas in order to encourage your children when thy do something well whose link you will find a bit below.

I think it is a good idea not only for young children but also for primary students

There are 32 in total that you can download for free

Finger plays II

Finger plays IV



elfast-for practising conversation-

0075 is a good and interesting page for practising conversation in american english.

As you see on your right, there are 25 topics . Each one is divided into some more.Once there you will find different short conversations.

You have the writing and the listening and you ?can, even, download the podcast to reproduce it in another device for your classes, later. Or, just only,for you to improve your english if it is the case….

I think it is a great resource for teachers of secondary and Bach because they are very shoort and common conversations.

And what is more, if you want you can also practise the conversation with a robot named Mike that ?is very smart. You can ask him any questions. When you want to practice the conversations of the topic you are studying you have to type in “Let’s practice topic …” or “I’d like to practice topic …” You must type the exact name of the topic. e.g.Let’s practice topic Weather (2). When you are acting asAand Robot Mike isB, you must type in the exact sentence in the conversation, including the punctuation. If you make a mistake, it is not controlled practice of the conversation anymore. In that case, you need to type “Let’s practice topic …” again to get the robot back on track.

Below you have 365 short stories that you can read and listen too. And, of course, download the podcast.


1.New to America
2.A Haircut
3.The Yardman
4.Grab Your Umbrellas
5.Shopping for Bargains
6.Horses to Ride
7.Does Garlic Mean Garlic?
8.A Shower Injury
9.Pete’s Sharp Knife
10.Provider Overbills Customer
11.A Good Sandwich
12.Sara’s Upset Stomach
13.Please Marry Me!
14.Laundry Day
15.A Noisy Neighbor
16.The New Realtor
17.The Fire Alarm
18.Eddie’s Short Visit
19.Carbon Monoxide
20.A Visit to Asia
21.School Boys
22.The Loose Button
23.The Pile of Paper
24.Brushing and Flossing
25.Raising the Kids
26.A Clean Toilet Bowl?
27.A Love Letter
28.Spock Saves His Dad
29.A Bird Attacks
30.A Daytime Robbery
31.The Motorcycle Rider
32.The Breakup
33.Famous Model Dies
34.Shopping Carts Everywhere
35.Four Slit Throats?
36.Trick or Treat?
37.A Jealous Girlfriend?
38.Towns Hit by Snowstorms?
39.Another Jealous Girlfriend?
40.She Loves Her Son?
41.The Doctor’s Exam?
42.Hospitals Can Make You Sick
43.English Is So Hard?
44.Hollywood Stars and Tourists?
45.GEICO’s TV Lizard
46.Law and Order in LA?
47.Destruction of Iraq
48.Have You Seen This Man?
49.LA Traffic Report
50.LA Radio News
51.Trash Truck Misses Pick-up
52.Her First Driving Accident
53.You’re Not a Good Principal
54.I’ve Got You Covered
55.Paris Goes to Jail in LA
56.A Year with No TV
57.Let’s Buy Some Paint
58.I Need Water for My Clients
59.Putting Bunny to Sleep
60.Where Is That Darn Battery?
61.If You Really Love Me?
62.The Wedding Gift (1)
63.The Wedding Gift (2)
64.Does a Tiger Change Its Stripes?
65.No Place Like an Open House
66.“We Could Have All Died!”
67.It’s the Thought that Counts
68.Who Ordered the Scallops?
69.You’re Not My Daddy
70.Let He Who Is Without Sin?
71.Shopping at the 99 Cents Store
72.Betting Big in Vegas
73.Priced to Sell!
74.The Handyman Comes
75.A Woman Has Needs
76.A Hot Day and a Cool Pool
77.Up, Up, and Away
78.Man’s Best Friend
79.Six Feet Under
80.An Unhappy Worker
81.Why the Sky Is Brown
82.It’s a Small World
83.Suspicious Shoppers
84.Death Is Part of Life
85.Tagger Shoots Woman
86.Crime on the Rise
87.Too Soft on Crime
88.Pluto Chases Kid
89.In Harm’s Way
90.“Semper Buy”91.?A Little Respect, Please
92.A Dream from Beyond (1)
93.A Dream from Beyond (2)
94.A Trip to Egypt
95.No Doughnuts for Old Folks
96.It’s Just Business

97.?A Walk in the Wild
98.Elvis Is Alive and Well
99.Bad Weed, Bad Call
100.Shark Attack
101.Love in the Hospital
102.Interstate Bridge Collapses
103.Stop Selling Those Bunnies
104.Actor Tries to Kill Himself
105.US Senator Says He’s not Gay
106.E. Coli Is Everywhere
108.The Hospital Orderly (1)
109.The Hospital Orderly (2)
110.Flower Power
111.Dog Inherits Millions
112.Man Holds Staff Hostage
113.Young Boy Defends Sister
114.Remember Me?
115.The Way to a Man’s Heart?
116.Sail Around the World
117.New Dog-Barking Law
118.Man Flies in Lawn Chair (1)
119.Man Flies in Lawn Chair (2)
120.Cleaning a Dirty Plate
121.Her Driving Lesson
122.Hurricane Dean
123.Adventurer Disappears
124.Nursing Student Disappears
125.The Lovely Banana
126.Smells like Chicken
127.The Wedding (1)
128.The Wedding (2)
129.The Waiter
130.Your Country Thanks You
131.D.B. Cooper Lives On (1)
132.D.B. Cooper Lives On (2)
133.I’m No Alcoholic!
134.48 Homes Burn Down (1)
135.48 Homes Burn Down (2)
136.Drought Attacks Georgia
137.A Bad MRI Experience
138.Body in a Barrel (1)
139.?Body in a Barrel (2)
140.Red Meat, Gray Water
141.All Bite, No Bark
142.Tiger Kills Two Men (1)
143.Tiger Kills Two Men (2)
144.Red Flowers Make Her See Red
145.The Starbucks Robbery
146.The Argument (1)
147.The Argument (2)?
148.The Toilet Tank (1)
149.The Toilet Tank (2)
150.Santa Was Molested?
151.Fire Kills Two Young Girls
152.Police Arrest Fire-Starters
153.Get out of “Jail” (1)
154.Get out of “Jail” (2)
155.New Year Celebrations
156.$50K to Waitress (1)
157.$50K to Waitress (2)
158.Who Needs School?
159.Black Friday
160.JFK Assassination
161.Don’t Top Off the Tanks
162.The Clapper
163.Tuberculosis Still Kills
164.Old Dogs Become Young Again
165.Ham and Eggplant
166.A Hole in Her Ear (1)
167.A Hole in Her Ear (2)?
168.The Drugs Keep Coming
169.Missing Husband (1)
170.Missing Husband (2)
171.Don’t Get Mad?Get Even
172.The Christmas Gift (1)
173.The Christmas Gift (2)
174.The Haircut (1)
175.The Haircut (2)
176.The Robbery at the Mall (1)
177.The Robbery at the Mall (2)
178.The Driving Lesson (1)
179.The Driving Lesson (2)
180.?The Move to Georgia (1)
181.The Move to Georgia (2)
182.I’ll Get a Job in a Restaurant
183.A Cleaner River (1)
184.?A Cleaner River (2)
185.?The Spitter
186.Kill Those Flies (1)
187.Kill Those Flies (2)
188.The Oil Change (1)
189.The Oil Change (2)
?190.Boy Starts Huge Fire
191.Writers Go on Strike
192.Please Don’t Hurt Me!
193.It’s Just a Little White Lie
194.Jury Service in California
195.The Rude Golfer (1)
196.The Rude Golfer (2)
197.Man Invents Toilet for Cars
198.Monkeys Cause Man’s Death
199.The Light Eater (1)
200.The Light Eater (2)
201.Sara Went Shopping
202.Man Injured at Fast Food Place
203.A Life-Saving Cow
204.Driver Loses Mabel, Finds Jail?
205.Jerry Decided To Buy a Gun
206.Freeway Chase
207.Better To Be Unlucky
208.Food Fight Erupted in Prison
209.How His Pig is Doing
210.Goats Being Hired
211.A Missing Cat
212.Book Him
213.Water Under the Sink (1)
214.Water Under the Sink (2)
215.Theft Occurs Everywhere
216.Eggs and a Bunny
217.Goodbye to Clean Couple
218.$100 Deposit
219.Books Don’t Grow on Trees
220.A Murder-Suicide
221.New Store and Its Owners
222.Hit-and-Run Charge
223.Gasoline Prices Hit Record High
224.A Festival of Books
225.Crazy Housing Prices
226.Happy and Unhappy Renters
227.Pulling Out Nine Tons of Trash
228.Cloning Pets
229.Rentals at the Oceanside
230.Trees Are a Threat
231.Gets Booked, Writes a Book
232.Popular Park Reopens
233.Swim Classes Begin Soon
234.Not Sitting Around
235.?Get Millions for Homeless
236.Tenants Watch Building Burn
237.Bathtub Blues
238.Blood Drive at Civic Center
239.City Hosts 42nd Art Fair
240.City and Crime
241.Bank Robbery
242.Immigration Goes Online
243.Jimmy Fixes His Door
244.Needs a New Air-Conditioner
245.Man Gets 12 Years for Fraud
246.Man Shoots Up Post Office
247.Murals Are Over 200 Years Old
248.Pier Collapses
249.Cameras in Police Cars
250.A School Girl Sues Her School
251.SUV Driver Sends Officer Flying
252.Boy Drowns in Neighbor’s Pool
253.Woman Dies in House Fire
254.Plane Crashes into House
255.Fishing for Girls
256.Shot Next to Christmas Tree
257.Stabbed Outside Nightclub
258.Fishing Boat Sinks
259.The Mysterious Carport Stain
260.Lies About Winning Lottery
261.Victory Dance Leads to Death
262.Eat Your Vegetables
263.Honk if You’re in a Hurry
264.The Man Who Loved Women
265.How to Get out of Jury Duty
266.The Way to a Man’s Heart
267.Female Seeks Mature Male
268.Let’s Go Fishing
269.Train Wreck “Frees” Cows
270.Valuable Guitar Found
271.Stepmother Kills Herself
272.Beautiful Teacher Smiles
273.Are Criminals Taking Over LA?
274.Police Arrest Happy Van Driver
275.Say Your Prayers
276.The Final Phone Call
277.Almost Perfect Children
278.There Goes the Neighborhood!
279.Let’s Go to Vegas!
282.English Is Confusing
280.Squirrel Attacks Woman
281.To Save His Baby
283.?Pump Up the Tires
284.Don’t Go Swimming
285.The Park That Went to the Dogs
286.Can You Spare a Carburetor?
287.Golf Like a Girl
288.Take Me Out to the Ball Game
289.Take This Job and Shove It
290.Where Did That Book Go?
291.When You’ve Got Your Health
292.That ‘New Car’ Smell
293.Inviting Poor Student to Dinner
294.When I’m in the Bathroom
295.It Was an Old, Worthless Clock
296.Five-Finger Discount on Candy
297.Collecting Seashells
298.At the Store Entrance
299.We Will See the World
300.Get Me a Caffe Latte
301.The Slow Computer (1)
302.The Slow Computer (2)
303.The Careful Reader
304.Avoid the Flu
305.Magician Attracts Women
306.US Border Patrol
307.Car Shopping in California
308.Happy Anniversary
309.“Read All about It!”
310.A Factory Worker
311.Bad Pork
312.Don’t Eat the Meat
313.Copper Robbers
314.Weekly Driving Lessons (1)
315.Weekly Driving Lessons (2)
316.Laundry Day (1)
317.Laundry Day (2)
318.The Bargain CD Set (1)
319.The Bargain CD Set (2)
320.It’s All Over
321.The New Clothes (1)
322.The New Clothes (2)
323.Food as Punishment?
324.US Passports Outsourced
325.The Demanding Son
326.A Practical Joke
327.The Dead Pedestrian
328.Bad News, Good News
329.The Cluster Balloonist
330.The Rude Clerk
331.The Tax Charge
332.The Fire in the Hills (1)
333.The Fire in the Hills (2)
334.The Vacuum Cleaner Filter (1)
335.The Vacuum Cleaner Filter (2)
336.The Rental Car (1)
337.The Rental Car (2)
338.The Marathon Cheater
339.Honoring G.W. Bush
340.School Bus Crashes?
341.The Chipped Teeth
342.Don’t Take My Property
343.New Law for Taco Trucks
344.The Horrible Face (1)
345.The Horrible Face (2)
346.The Refund (1)
347.The Refund (2)
348.Shut Your Mouth
349.TSA’s New Policy (1)
350.TSA’s New Policy (2)
351.I’m Pregnant
352.Same-Sex Marriage
353.Making Peace with Russia
354.Impolite to His Brother
355.Protecting the Public
356.Malibu to License Paparazzi
357.The Cyclone in Myanmar
358.I’m Moving to NY
359.The Heart Attack (1)
360.The Heart Attack (2)
361.The 2008 Masters
362.The Bloody Forehead
363.Feds Threaten WWII Vet
364.Let’s Speak English
365.Bad Dreams
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