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Reading aloud videos

      – Provide a  model fluent reading.

      – Are a good guided practise .

      – Develop reading out loud.

      – Provide varied reading stories. 

      – Encourage your child in  reading efforts.

      – Inspire a love of reading in your children.

Duck in the truck

My grunny is a pirate

Hugless Douglas

Daddy's Little Star

Froggy,s Baby Sister

Froggy Goes to the Doctor

If Animals Kissed Good Night

The Rainbow Fish

Love and Kisses

Pete the Cat at the Beach

Captain Duck

We love you, Hugless Douglas!

Huggless Douglas and the Big sleep

Little Deer Lost

Don t worry, Huggless Douglas

Froggy Bakes a Cake

The Reluctant Dragon

And Here's to You!

David Gets In Trouble

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

Incredible You!

My No No No Day

How to Make a Muffin

Part 1: The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Part 3: The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

LOVE from the Very Hungry Caterpillar

Giraffes Can't Dance

A Apple Pie | Learning ABC Alphabet

The Motor Car

Part 2: The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

5 Classic Nursery Rhymes

The Happy Star

Chicken Soup with Rice

Valentine's Day

You Are Not Small


Shrek The Third audiobook


The Pinguins Of Madagascar

The Jungle Book The Cobra's Egg

Shrek Forever After

Ice Age

Rio Blu And Jewel

Over The Hedge


Boats and Ships

Musical Instruments

Peppa Pig - Tiny Creatures

Peppa Pig - Recycling Fun

Peppa Pig's Family Computer

Peppa Pig - School Bus Trip

Peppa Pig - Peppa s First Sleepove


Little Red Riding Hood

The Three Spinners

The Ugly Duckling

Hansel and Gretel

Little Red Riding Hood

The Emperor's new clothes

The Lion and The Mouse


Goldilocks and the three bears

Jack and the Beanstalk

The shree little pigs

Thanks to little readers channel for this wonderful collection. You can click here  or on the image and look for more titles.

Dream Animals

Surf's Up

Animal Strike at the zoo


Bear says thanks


Bear's NewFriends

Curious George says thank you

Yellow copter

Frog on a log?

The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear


Under the Sleepy Stars

The idea of this reading aloud videos want to be an activity  to the development of curiosity and a love of learning. And, of course this collection can  help you  to develop your child’s reading skills, so they can enjoy the numerous benefits of reading.


Great site for reading:CommonLit

Great site for reading:

In the next video you can learn about CommonLit: how to make an account, sync student accounts, search the library, assign a text, and grade. BONUS: get a quick view of student features like Guided Reading Mode and the toolbar.

Everything you need to know about CommonLit in less than 10 minutes

Webinar: Getting Started with CommonLit Digital

Here there is a great site for reading to help your students: CommonLit that is a completely free literacy resource design for 3rd – 12th grade classrooms.  The resource is accessible on any internet-enabled device , questions, and tools for helping students improve their ELA skills.  Overall, CommonLit offers a wealth of possibilities for the classroom. 

It offers a growing collection of literacy resources include nonfiction documents, historical texts, poems, news articles,   and all of them  have some assessment tools and are aligned to CCSS.

This website is very helpful for educators looking to select texts for lesson plans. The site allows you to choose appropriate texts for your students. So that, you can choose:  a theme, discussion question, and grade level-band. CommonLit also includes text-dependent and discussion questions, vocabulary definitions, paired texts, and teacher guides.

The library  contains over 1100 readings, and it is continuosly expanding.  You can filter your search by grade level, theme, genre, related books, device (e.g. hyperbole, irony, etc.), and standard.  Additionally, each reading is characterized by type (e.g. alliteration, assonance etc.)

As a teacher,if you sign in you can have your own dashboard where you can see all the assignments your student’s progress (organized by class),  and you can also add a new assignment to send out to your students.

In addition, you can download the pdf and your students can read at the same time they can listen to the audio.

One more interesting thing is the dictionary . Just only you or your student select the word from the text with the mouse. Then, click the button with the open book icon to look the word up.

With CommonLit the students can also highlight, and translate features.  All of these are great for helping students with different needs.


BITS: English Language Learning songs

BITS is a great and useful page created by Skip Reske. As he says, the only purpose of this site is to help students improve their listening and reading comprehension of the English language.
‘BITS English Language Learning’ is completely non-profit and contains no advertising.

– Songs in English: Listen – Read – Sing
Songs With Sing-Along / Read-Along Lyrics


You will find many, many songs realted with: 

Johnny Cash songs: The Last Years, The Byrds’ ‘Sweetheart Of The Rodeo”, Emmy lou Harris songs- The Early Years, John Gorka songs, John Prine songs, Kate Wolfsongs, Emmylou Harris Duets, The Be Good Tanyas, The Everbodyfields, O Brother, Where Art Thou? : songs from the movie , The Beach Boys, Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová, Merle Haggard  –  Dwight Yoakam, Bob Dylan – songs from the early years, The Supremes , Simon & Garfunkel, Tom Waits, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Eagles, The Everly Brothers, Willie Nelson, Ricky Skaggs , Bruce Springsteen, Buddy Holly  –  Richtie Valens, Elvis Presley – songs from the early years, J.D. Crowe & The New South, Grace Slick  / Janis Joplin, The Fleetwoods, Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Ace, Otis Redding, Crosby – Stills and Nash, Tracy Chapman, The Byrds,  Love Lost  , Anti-War- Dystopian & Apocalyptic Songs , Doo Wop Music,Cat Stevens , The Grateful Dead – ‘American Beauty’ ,Delta Blues: Mississippi John Hurt, Texas Blues: Mance Lipscomb, The Bee Gees , Songs for Summer,Songs for Spring, Songs for Winter, Songs for Autumn, Songs of Cities and Towns, Songs of Cars, Songs of Protest, Revolt, and Revolution, Songs of Friendship, Songs about drugs and alcohol, Bluegrass Ballads, A Blues Sampler, Six People, Cowboys songs, “Talking” Songs, America, Songs of Hope and Happiness, Songs of young love, Canadian Folk Singers

Marty Robbins

         “El paso” (Marty Robbins)  is one of my favourites from this wonderful collection (click on the image to sing-along)




Loyal Books (free public audiobooks)

Discover great free books  in loyal books.

A page  with a simple interface and beautiful images. Create your own library from thousands of free audiobooks and eBooks. Read reviews from other users and stream audiobooks or download to listen offline. With featured books and top charts you’ll quickly be on your way to enjoying the best free books available.

You can download either the book or the audio or both.

Remember some details of epub format:

ePub is an open format defined by the Open eBook Forum of the International Digital Publishing Forum.

ePub format is a based on XHTML, XML and CSS.

ePub files usually have .epub extension.


After choosing your book, go at the bottom of the loyal book page and click  on one of these formats:


After choosing your book go at the bottom of the loyal page and click on  one of the audiobooks formats


Maybe you need a free ePub Readers software or application for Windows systems to read your book.

Here I leave some of them:

Azardi Desktop
STDU Viewer

Sony Reader

Adobe Digital Editions
Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF supports viewing mobi ebooks since version 2.1. Sumatra is free, open-source and supports many other formats, like PDF, mobi, XPS, DjVu, CBR, CBZ.


FBReader is a cross-platform, open-source eBook reader that can also read ePub files.

Cool Reader

Cool Reader supports ePub and a few other formats.

EPUBReader FireFox extension

EPUBReaderis a FireFox web browser extension.


Calibre is an eBook library manager with built-in eBook viewer.

MagicScroll eBook Reader for Google Chrome


Interactive e-books of writing prompts 4 Students

From authointeractive e-bookr Bill Zimmerman, creator of the page Bill’ and

This page offers a new, interesting and interactive collection of  e-books to read and  write online (then, you can download or save your own copy in your computer)

 Bill Zimmerman created these  books of writing prompts over the years teaching English language learners and literacy students. Its intent is to help students discover their writers’ voices and express the rich thoughts within them as they master the English language. Students are encouraged to write about their family, their friends, their old life and their new life, feelings, dreams and goals.

 Click on any cover book below to read details and download any free e-book from their pages.

To read and write in the books, just click on the cover to go to each page. They are formatted as an interactive digital journal or diary. It will allow you to write directly on your screen into the writing prompt areas with lines on each of the book’s pages. When you are done typing, simply save the document until the next time you are inspired to make new entries. You also can print out any pages that you want. And, if you wish, you can send the completed digital book as an email attachment to someone with whom you wish to share all your special memories.

PLEASE NOTE: If your web browser does not support interactive PDF then please download the PDF to your computer and use Acrobat Reader 8.1 or above for all interactive features.

sth to write aboutThese writing prompts encourage students of all ages to write about the things in their lives that are meaningful to them–their childhood memories and family stories, the people they love and admire, their hopes for the future, their deepest beliefs. Zimmerman says, “I have always believed that everyone has a story to tell–if only someone would ask, if only someone would listen.’’ This book gives teachers a way to draw out students’ stories and help them communicate their thoughts through writing.

words I wishThis is a book of encouraging words to help young people as they make their way in the world. Every girl and boy needs to hear them.
If you’re a young person reading this book, think of each page as a personal letter of caring words from the author to you, like the ones an older friend or relative might say. If you are a parent or teacher, you may find some of the thoughts offered echo what you may have said to a child in your life, or perhaps they will give you new ideas for future personal messages.

mak believes fill-in

This do-it-yourself e-comic book provides a place where you can use your own words and thoughts. In this comic book, unlike any others you’ve read, you’ll get to decide what happens and have the final say. All you need to do is just follow the prompts and fill in the talk and thought balloons to determine what the characters say and think.
Many of the fill-in pages are funny, and some are also serious. Many are about family , friends or  people you know. Others are about your dreams, things that give you pleasure or puzzle or worry you. 

make believes to spark your writing

The intent of this book is to let your mind roam to new places and ideas and express all the wonderful things that are within you.  For example, make believe someone discovered a note you had placed in a bottle that washed up on the beach.  

 Bill Zimmerman’s books  are used in writing and literacy programs throughout the world.

hummingbird Joy

This book will reveal a new memory book for you to write about all the good things in your life that are worth remembering. With your written words,Hummingbird Joy will become your own treasure chest of personal wonders.
This book features a variety of writing prompts. Some will elicit memories of many of the things that have given you joy. Others help you recall the different things in your life for which you are grateful. Writing helps affirm our joy and gratitude.

 laptop letters

This book is not permitted to write  or download.

This book helps you do something very special for your children or grandchildren: to pass on to them some of the important things in your heart that you want to share with them.

Using your computer, send messages of love and wisdom to your children, even as they mature into young adults. Just a way to hand down your family legacy.
Inside are writing prompts for composing important, loving messages, sheets of paper to make notes about what you want to say, and sample letters to inspire you in your own writing.



toon books readers




toon books languages

There are 11 free titles in total. Click on the images to go directly.

Explendid and  entirely FREE resource that allows children to read select TOON Books online…and in multiple languages!  Children can listen to the entire text using “Read To Me” or by activating the audio prompts on individual balloons when they need a little extra help.  TOON Readers were developed in cooperation with Professor Garfield, a non-profit educational collaboration between Garfield the Cat and Ball State University.

toon books readers silly lilly

Toon books Jack and the box

Toon books little mouse gets ready

toon books stinky

toon books Luke on the loose

toon books Beny and penny

toon books otto's orange day

toon books Benny and penny and the big no-no

Toon books Mo and jo fighting together forever

toon books zig and wikki

toon books benny and penny and the toy breaker




Lovely , great and fascinating stories  for children with the good quality of vimeo that Candlewick Press shares. It’s a good idea if you have some of them in your classroom  library .

The stories are beautifully related by : Simon James, Martin Waddell, Lucy Cousins, Michael Rosen,  Eileen Browne, Leslie McGuirk,  Sam McBratney,  Polly Dunbar,  Kim Lewis, Peter Horacek,  Niamh Sharkey or  Jez Alborough.

Don’t miss it!!!!


Some Dogs Do


Noah's Ark

Ho HO Ho Tucker

Farmer Duck

You're All my Favourites

This Is Our House

Silly Suzie Goes

Owl Babies

Hooray for Fish

Goodnight Harry

Baby Brains

Tucker's Spooky Halloween

The Ravenous Beast

The Vampire Baby

I Want My Hat Back






Children’s books forever


This page comes from children’s books forever . Books that have become classics and children’s favourites all around the world. You have permission from the author for using them on smartboard, power point or overhead projectors. Of course, this permission is granted for non- commercial use only. These are not e-books properly said but they have many applications as you will see.

Click on any cover to view the entire book  with “Adobe Acrobat”. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat free version

tyrone9 tyrone8 tyrone7 tyrone6 tyrone5 tyrone4 tyrone3 tyrone2 tyrone1


HIGHLIGHTS: e-books,stories, poems, jokes…


This is a very good page. In this site you can find some good materials for free. It is american english.
You will discover different collections of: stories, articles, poetry player , the Arizone stories, jokes… and all of them with AUDIO.
Below I leave the different links. Useful? I hope ,so!!!!
Click on the pictures
  • What’s Outside?

  • Lonely Pa Builds

  • A Mouse in the House

    • Fun in the Mud

    • Go Fish


Dexter Robin Learns to FlyBy Jennifer Gomoll

  • Belly Flops and Gutter BallsBy JoLynne Ricker Whalen

  • A House for MouseBy Crystal Mandell

  • Squealy ScholarBy Jill Esbaum

  • Wild Ride!By Susan Kneib Schank

  • Monster MeBy Eileen Spinelli

  • An EarfulBy Dale-Marie Bryan

  • Ants Are MarchingBy Judith Farnsworth




The Magic of VentriloquismBy Shari Thompson Babcock

Making the Most of Your MomentBy Marty Kaminsky

How the Weaverbird Built His NestBy George W. Frame, Ph.D., and Lory Herbison Frame

How to Grow Your Own Money TreeBy Paul H. O?Neill


ANIMATED BOOKS about behaviour: to be brave, change world…

Free animated books


 This is the “home book” you can click on each book  or in the images below and choose either the “animated version” , “the song” or “the lesson…”

A  lovely 15 books collection  about the adventures of Howard B. Wigglebottom written by Howard Binkow and Susan F. Cornelison.
 For each book you have:  the animated version,  a song, posters and lessons.
 The vocabulary is not easy for non native speakers children but …who knows?
Below you have the collection with the animated versions, the posters and the songs

F A B learn to listen

Click on the book for te story or song

Poster:How to be a better listener

F A B learns it's OK to back away

Click on the book for te story or song

Poster: My body is my friend

F A B blends in like chamelion

Click on the book for the story or song

Poster: to belong-follow social rules

F A B manners matters

Click on the book for te story or song

Poster: I am cool and nice

F A B Linstens to his heart - copia

Click on the book for te story or song

Poster: how to listen to your heart

F A B a tale about telling the truth

Click on the book for te story or song

Poster: I like myself

F A B learns about sportmanship

Click on the book for the story or song

Poster: winning isn’t everything

F A B we can all get along

Click on the book for te story or song (the animated story is not ready yet!!!!)

Poster: To get along with others

F A B learns about bullies

Click on the book for te story or song

poster 1: how to deal with bullies Poster 2: the happy tree

F A B and the power of _Christmas story

Click on the book for te story or song

Poster: the spirit of the holidays

F A B learns about courage

Click on the book for te story or song

Poster: I am brave


Click on the book for te story or song

Poster: When a loved one dies, The happy bunnie

F A B learns about mud and rainbows

Click on the book for te story or song

Poster: make the best of it

F A B learns too much of a good thing is bad

Click on the book for the story or song

Poster: moderation to grow healthy, smart and strong

F A B on yes o no

Click on the book for the story or song

Poster 1: NO

Poster 2: stranger danger

Poster 3: trust



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