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Ereading comprehension worksheets


Great resource for reading comprehension worksheets. This Ereading worksheet  page has been created  by Mr. Donald Morton That, as it is said in his page “is a prolific online reading, language arts, and teaching enthusiast“. Mr. Morton holds a B.A. in English from Northern Illinois University and an M.A. in Literature from Northeastern Illinois University.


This page provides teachers, parents, and motivated students with high-quality reading comprehension worksheets, activities, and resources aligned with Common Core State Standards. In this website you can find  the reading worksheets by grade level.

It has a growing collection of online reading activities and everything is free for home and classroom use.

Apart for reading comprehension worksheets you can find a great collection of useful worksheet as you can see in the webpage.

Anyway I would like to  hightlight some that I have been used in my clsses and that have been a great help for my students. These are the Reading Worksheets by Grade Level. You have also the correct answers.


(Attention¡ This is only an example taken from ereading worksheets)

2th Grade Reading Worksheets:

chess and TV

3rd Grade Reading Worksheets:

 tetris, the coliseum, the pony express and wintertime.

4th Grade Reading Worksheets

about metal detectors, seat bealts, black Fridays and Hummimbirds.

5th Grade Reading Worksheets:

carnivorous plants, hyperinflation,the worst game ever?, nutrition facts.

6th Grade Reading Worksheets:

 honey badgers, Koko, google, trampolines, mongooses, the cowardly lion and the hungry tiger, the fir tree, the teel-tale heart, the gift of the Magi, the story of Keesh, The Ransom of Red Chief, “2 B R 0 2 B” and“Mr. Brisher’s Treasure”.

7th Grade Reading Worksheets:

Garbage ,Asian Carp ,The Maginot Line ,A Tale of Two Countries ,Pain Reliever,“The Cat That Walked by Himself”,“The Nightingale and the Rose”,“The Lottery Ticket”  and “A Mystery of Heroism”.

8th Grade Reading Worksheets:

 “Gilray’s Flower-Pot”,“The Hydrophobic Skunk”,“A Respectable Woman”,“A Piece of Steak” and “The Son”.

More resources in this webpage are: 


reading comprehension on line

Reading comprehension on line to improve your english and to teach. In you will find out very interesting reading comprehension with activities on line apart from many other resources based in different school subjetcs. This webpage includes many  with games also  as it is shown below.

The reading comprehensions are organised in 5 different grades: 

Grades 1 and 2

Grades 3 and up

Grades  4 and up 

Grades 5+

What it’s very interesting indeed is that   in grades 1 and 2 you also have the audio.

Of course, you have also questions on line related with the reading.




A great collection of the best on line dictionaries all over the web.

Just have a look!


Free online dictionaries – Spanish, French, Italian, German and more. Conjugations, audio pronunciations and forums for your questions.

A great tool either to improve your vocabulary as student or, as a teacher to help your students.  It’s more than a simple dictionary. TRY IT!

Collins Dictionary

 More than 500,000 words, meanings, phrases, synonyms and antonyms. It is ideal for everyday use at home, for study, at the office and on the go. 

McMillan Dictionary Online

Pronuntiation, translations, language resources and many other things that you can explore.

Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

A great dictionary for general British English on Cambridge Dictionaries Online.


America’s most useful and respected dictionary,Word of the Day, facts and observations on language, lookup trends, and wordplay. With many usage examples.  

Longman Dictionary

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online   

Using English

English language site specialising in English as a Second Language (ESL) established in 2002 with a large collection of tools & resources for students, teachers…, It covers the full spectrum of ESL, EFL, ESOL, and EAP subject areas.

An online source for English definitions, synonyms, word origins, audio pronunciations, example sentences, slang phrases, idioms, word games, legal and medical terms, Word of the Day and more.  

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

Used by over 35 million learners of English worldwide. You will find out any word.  

Oxford Living  Dictionary

This dictionary is more than a dictionary: videos, quizzes, grammar, thesaurus… Very recomendable!!

The Free

This dictionary allows you to create your own personal homepage by adding and removing, dragging and dropping, and “using or losing” existing content windows…



It is a web service that provides an online dictionary for a number of language pairs. It incorporates a search engine that provides access to large amounts of bilingual, translated sentence pairs, which come from the World Wide Web. ATTENTION !!!! Linguee is not an automatic translation machine!  


What’s the difference between two similar words?   

GRAPH words

Fantastic free semantic field maps and thesaurus synonimes 

Synonyme Finder 

Speak and write with confidence. To help you avoid using the same word too repetitively, redundantly, recurrently, incessantly,  etc.  

Cogney rhyming slang dictionary

Do you want to know about cogney rhyming slang, the secret language of London?


Fantastic free graph words and thesaurus synonyms for teachers and students

Phrase up Dictionary

phraseup assists you with writing by finding and filling-in the words you can’t remember

Phrasal verbs dictionary 

A reference of 3,451 current English Phrasal Verbs (also called multi-word verbs) with definitions and examples. 

Visual Dictionary Online

Explore the 15 major themes to access more than 6,000 images and see words like never before.


BITS: English Language Learning songs

BITS is a great and useful page created by Skip Reske. As he says, the only purpose of this site is to help students improve their listening and reading comprehension of the English language.
‘BITS English Language Learning’ is completely non-profit and contains no advertising.

– Songs in English: Listen – Read – Sing
Songs With Sing-Along / Read-Along Lyrics


You will find many, many songs realted with: 

Johnny Cash songs: The Last Years, The Byrds’ ‘Sweetheart Of The Rodeo”, Emmy lou Harris songs- The Early Years, John Gorka songs, John Prine songs, Kate Wolfsongs, Emmylou Harris Duets, The Be Good Tanyas, The Everbodyfields, O Brother, Where Art Thou? : songs from the movie , The Beach Boys, Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová, Merle Haggard  –  Dwight Yoakam, Bob Dylan – songs from the early years, The Supremes , Simon & Garfunkel, Tom Waits, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Eagles, The Everly Brothers, Willie Nelson, Ricky Skaggs , Bruce Springsteen, Buddy Holly  –  Richtie Valens, Elvis Presley – songs from the early years, J.D. Crowe & The New South, Grace Slick  / Janis Joplin, The Fleetwoods, Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Ace, Otis Redding, Crosby – Stills and Nash, Tracy Chapman, The Byrds,  Love Lost  , Anti-War- Dystopian & Apocalyptic Songs , Doo Wop Music,Cat Stevens , The Grateful Dead – ‘American Beauty’ ,Delta Blues: Mississippi John Hurt, Texas Blues: Mance Lipscomb, The Bee Gees , Songs for Summer,Songs for Spring, Songs for Winter, Songs for Autumn, Songs of Cities and Towns, Songs of Cars, Songs of Protest, Revolt, and Revolution, Songs of Friendship, Songs about drugs and alcohol, Bluegrass Ballads, A Blues Sampler, Six People, Cowboys songs, “Talking” Songs, America, Songs of Hope and Happiness, Songs of young love, Canadian Folk Singers

Marty Robbins

         “El paso” (Marty Robbins)  is one of my favourites from this wonderful collection (click on the image to sing-along)




English grammar exercises for teachers and students


English Grammar Online Exercises and Downloadable Worksheets is a great  website thht provides you with practice material and online grammar and vocabulary exercises for students and teachers . Exercises can be done on browser, tablets and smartphones. Downloads are available for free and are in PDF Format .

Currently there are over 100 worksheets that can be downloaded and hundreds of sentences and interactive exercises that students can do.


It can help you to prepare the ESL exams because you have many kind of exersices




Oxford preparation exam for TOEFLThe Oxford Preparation Course for the TOEFL iBT Exam gives students the key skills for success on all four sections of the exam. The course takes a communicative approach that reflects current methodologies designed to maximize language acquisition. The dynamic, relevant topics will appeal to students,offering an opportunity to engage in meaningful research and thought-provoking discussions.

 You can download it 

Key features:  

Step-by-step instructions and summary charts clearly outline the best approach to each type of question

Exam-specific skills including note-taking, speed reading, paraphrasing, and summarizing are reinforced throughout the text

Exam tips assist in ensuring students attain the highest possible TOEFL score

Students are given ample opportunities to sharpen their skills by completing practice exercises and three complete practice tests

Includes contextualized skills instruction that is essential for success at colleges and universities


Learn languages efficiently with VocApp

VocApp helps you practice the specialized vocabulary you need, wherever you are and whenever you want, using your smartphone or tablet. You choose which modules to include in your training session. The function “My Words” enables you as a registered user to add your own words and expressions. 

You can build your vocabulary and optimize it with VocApp and reach your goals much faster. You can also put it your lessons in your blog , wiki… I think that VocApp is a great help at any level.

It is an aplication that allows you: to learn and repeat vocabulary, to learn and repeat sentences, to create your own audio courses in eleven languages, to create your own audio flascards from a text or from a photo, to download the mp3 or the pdf…  It makes remember your vocabulary faster.

You only need to create a free account.


Even if  some of the packages are not free…

 there are 3 packages that are totally free: 

1.- Top 1000 english words

2.- English in one day

3.- Academic word list

Anyway, in order to show you how to use VocApp, I leave  some very short videos (no longer than 2 minutes each) :

1.-What is VocApp?

2.-How to create your own set?

3. How to create your own set? (part 2)

4. How to learn?

5. Modes of learning

6. How to create your own course faster?

7. Repetitions, new, hard and mp3

How to create flashcards from a photo

How to create flashcards from a text

Mobile Flashcards = VocApp:)

Some more tips about VocApp:

voccapp4Multisensory flashcards provide your brain with just that – multiple types of input! As a result, you easily connect new words and phrases with ones you already know.

vocapp5Thanks to its spaced repetition algorithm you remember 95% of the material with just seven revisions per year (revision intervals are based on your learning history).

voccap6The more words you know, the more freely and accurately you can express yourself. Start speaking with confidence in no time!

voccap7Study anywhere, anytime with the Android & iOS apps. Time wasted while commuting or standing in line is in the past! Your progress is synced across all your devices.

voccap8Import, type, dictate or upload a photo… and let them do the rest! They’ll add translations, images, examples and pronunciation recordings.

vocapp9The key to success is consistency. VocApp helps you establish a study routine by keeping track of your current study streak and motivating you to study every day!

12 o'clockI have created a lesson related with the clock “It’s about twelve”

(click on the clock to go  there)


Grammar Genius

Great videos to teach grammar through 1 minute funny sketches.

There are 3 different levels: A, B and C as shown below.


Unit 1 Subject Pronouns (present simple of to be)

Unit 2 (Articles , plural nouns )

Unit 3 ( There is , There are )

Unit 4 (Demonstratives)

Unit 5 (Imperative let's, object pronouns)

Unit 6 ( Possesive 's )

Unit 7 ( Have got )

Unit 8 ( Can , Must )

Lesson 9 (Countable nouns)

Unit 10 ( Quantifiers )

Unit 11 ( Present Simple )

Unit 12 (Adverbs of frequency)

Unit 13 ( Present Continuous)

Unit 14 ( Present Simple and Continuous)

Unit 15 (Comparison of Adjectives)

Unit 16 ( Adverbs of Manner )

Unit 18 (Past simple of to Be )

Unit 19 (Past simple of regular verbs )

Unit 20 (Past simple of Irregular Verbs )

Unit 21 ( The future )

Unit 22 (Questions)

















Unit 1 (Present Simple Present Continuous Stative Verbs )

Unit 2 (Past Simple )

Unit 3 (Used to )

Unit 4 (Past Continuous )

Unit 5 ( Present Perfect )

Unit 6 (Present Perfect 2 )

Unit 7 ( Past Simple / Present perfect )

Unit 8 (Past Perfect )

Unit 9 (Past and Perfect tenses)

Unit 10 (The future )

Unit 11 ( Adjectives . adverbs of Manner )

Unit 12 ( Nouns , Articles )

Unit 13 (Determiners , quantifiers)

Unit 14 (Both , either , neither, one)

Unit 15 (Modal Verbs 1)

Unit 16 (Modal Verbs 2 )

Unit 17

Unit 18 (Gerunds and Infinitives )

Unit 19 (Conditionals )

Unit 20 ( Relative clauses)

Unit 21 (The passive )

Unit 22 (Prepositions)

Unit 23 (Reflexive pronouns )

Unit 24 (Ouestions)

Unit 25 (question tags ,short agreements)


Unit 1(Present simple Present Continuous / stative verbs )

Unit 2 (Past Simple , past Continuous, used to )

Unit 3 ( Present perfect Simple , Present perfect continuous)

Unit 4 (Past Perfect Simple , past Perfect Continuous )

Unit 5 ( The future)

Unit 6 ( Adjectives , adverbs )

Unit 7 (Nouns, quantifiers,articles )

Unit 8 (Reflexive and Infinitive pronouns)

Unit 9 (Modal Verbs 1)

Unit 10 (Modal verbs2)

Unit 11 (Gerunds and Infinitives)

Unit 12 ( Had Better , would rather )

Unit 13 (Conditionals )

Unit 14 (Wishes )

Unit 15 (Reported speech 1)

Unit 16 (Reported speech 2 )

Unit 17 ( Relative clauses)

Unit 18 (The passive )

Unit 19 (Causative Form )

Unit 20 ( Question tags ,short agreements)

Unit 21 ( sentence linking )










learn english idioms

This is a collection of more than 65 short, good  and funny videos of   about 2 minutes to explain idioms and learn english at the same time.

For medium and high level .

against the clock

are you as keen as mustard?

the early bird cathes the warm

as cool as a cucumber

Mother of parliaments - Rocked the nation

What an ugly duckling

To get a handle on

Snouts in the through- Fingers in the till

On the back burner

It's a bit much

Each to its own

Waiting in the wings

Zero hour

Can you do an U-turn?

made my day

I miss the heat

born with a silver spoon

Pushed so many people's buttons- slow to anger

Feather their own nest -Wistleblower

Laughing stock- Cleaning out of the stable

I miss the heat

A chain is not stronger than it weakest link

Serve as a mirror- Come clean

A lame duck

Daft as a brush

Vent your spleen

Labour of love

On the back foot

x rated warning

a face like thunder

A bad taste in the mouth - Baying for blood

neck and neck

Step up to the mark - Food for thought

The laws of the land- Flown out of the window

the apple of my eye

The cake's no worth the candle

The nature of the beast

As mad as a march hare

A yen

Zero tolerance

To tuckle an issue?

A wake up call

Packed like sardines

Face the music

Have baked ideas

Odds and ends

Hand in glove

The tables are turned

Rack your brains

Rack and ruin

Vicious circle

The acid test

All mouth and trousers

A picture is worth a thousand words

Are you safe and sound?

Are you a yes man?

Safe as houses

Jack the lad

Made of money

Not a snowball chance in Hell

Call a spade a spade

A breath of fresh air

I'll eat my hat

A pain in the neck

I'll cross that road when I come to it

Hair of the dog

A hen-pecked husband

Kangaroo Court

Get a grip



engvid1 Learn English for free with 806 video  lessons by experienced native-speaker teachers. Classes cover English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, IELTS, TOEFL, and more. Join millions of ESL students worldwide who are improving their English every day with engVid.

Totally recommended!

You have different levels: Begginer, intermediate and advanced and different lesson topics.

The videos last between 7 and 15 minutes more or less depending on the subject.

I really like it!



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