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ANIMATED BOOKS about behaviour: to be brave, change world…

Free animated books


 This is the “home book” you can click on each book  or in the images below and choose either the “animated version” , “the song” or “the lesson…”

A  lovely 15 books collection  about the adventures of Howard B. Wigglebottom written by Howard Binkow and Susan F. Cornelison.
 For each book you have:  the animated version,  a song, posters and lessons.
 The vocabulary is not easy for non native speakers children but …who knows?
Below you have the collection with the animated versions, the posters and the songs

F A B learn to listen

Click on the book for te story or song

Poster:How to be a better listener

F A B learns it's OK to back away

Click on the book for te story or song

Poster: My body is my friend

F A B blends in like chamelion

Click on the book for the story or song

Poster: to belong-follow social rules

F A B manners matters

Click on the book for te story or song

Poster: I am cool and nice

F A B Linstens to his heart - copia

Click on the book for te story or song

Poster: how to listen to your heart

F A B a tale about telling the truth

Click on the book for te story or song

Poster: I like myself

F A B learns about sportmanship

Click on the book for the story or song

Poster: winning isn’t everything

F A B we can all get along

Click on the book for te story or song (the animated story is not ready yet!!!!)

Poster: To get along with others

F A B learns about bullies

Click on the book for te story or song

poster 1: how to deal with bullies Poster 2: the happy tree

F A B and the power of _Christmas story

Click on the book for te story or song

Poster: the spirit of the holidays

F A B learns about courage

Click on the book for te story or song

Poster: I am brave


Click on the book for te story or song

Poster: When a loved one dies, The happy bunnie

F A B learns about mud and rainbows

Click on the book for te story or song

Poster: make the best of it

F A B learns too much of a good thing is bad

Click on the book for the story or song

Poster: moderation to grow healthy, smart and strong

F A B on yes o no

Click on the book for the story or song

Poster 1: NO

Poster 2: stranger danger

Poster 3: trust




ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNING- reading and listening books/songs

TABG_logoBITS is a great and useful page created by Skip Reske. As he says, the only purpose of this site is to help students improve their listening and reading comprehension of the English language.
‘BITS English Language Learning’ is completely non-profit and contains no advertising.

Links for downloading items are not available and will not be provided.

You can find out a great “read and listen collection” that is going to help you whether you are a teacher or a student with a great variety of resources: intermediate level, advanced level, audiobooks, shorts stories and SONGS.
Once you click in your election another bunch of different stories will appear
I invite you to go through the page and discover the great range of stories. Another important thing is that, in many of them, you can choose the podcast in two listening speeds: ” faster listening speed” and ” shorter listening speed”.
Another interesting parts are:
English Idioms, Sayings & Slang

Reading Actvities and Test Preparation for the PET

Practice Using Articles’a’ – ‘an’ – ‘the’
Radio Audio Dramas Listen & Read Archive
Below you have more about this wonderfull page.

Dr. Jean’s finger plays, songs and great ideas for infants

Dr. Jean offers a great range of very good ideas for many differen topics
You will find: songs, finger plays , power points and many more. Among them, transition songs and rhymes for all those special moments
These are lovely ideas that will be perfect for infant education.
Here below, I will leave you videos where you can see the way she does it .
I am sure you will find many useful tricks, finger plays and much more for your young students.And, of course you will have fun just watching it.
Below the videos you will find the list of free resources from Dr. Jean’s page. Of course, there many more but you will have to pay for them .

Finger plays I

Finger plays V

Dr Jean back to school

New project 3

DR. Jean's

This is an exampe of some good ideas in order to encourage your children when thy do something well whose link you will find a bit below.

I think it is a good idea not only for young children but also for primary students

There are 32 in total that you can download for free

Finger plays II

Finger plays IV



Solske Sestre de Notre Dame -a great help for grammar-


In this lovely page you will find lots and lots useful resources, above all, related with grammar for many different levels.

As you see on both sides of this comment you will have excellent documents: mini books about grammar, songs…. that go from elementary to business english.

Of course you also have many fabolous crosswords, readings , flashcards, board games… as you see below, just onluy as an example, you will found out a really good bunch of photocopiables.

I consider it is extremely recomendable.



Great songs for ESL Students / Teachers

I recommend you to have a look to all the videos of this page.



You will start watching the videos but ?-the most probable is that – you are not being able to stop watching them till the end of the page. TRUE!!!!!!!


I Am A Pizza

Another great song with new pictures that you can copy, use in video, etc…?Children like it. I promise!!!!

Of course, if you look it up in youtube you are going to found ?it with many differente pictures or, even, flashcards, in many different ways

I Am a Pizza


Garden song

Great song from planting to eating

Sh, Sh Fingers

You can imagine the actions and…DO IT!!


Bears, bears everywhere

lovely song to teach vocabulry and rhyming

We will Rock you

For elder children


Hands-On a Colors,Command & Courtesy Song

Great song for colours

A cute way to practice body parts for ESL

Lovely indeed


Dicky, dicky dinosaur!

Great for ESL teachers,students

We Like Peanut Butter!

ESL song for learning clothing



Super Simple Songs

Super Simple SongsbirdThis is a page with lots of video songs with more than 830.576 reproductions
They create easy-to-teach, easy-to-learn, super fun songs for children. Their videos are intended for teachers and parents of young learners with developing speaking skills, ideal for sharing with Pre-K children and younger, young ESL/EFL learners, and children with special needs.

The songs are appropriately paced for children with developing motor skills, and full of room for gestures and dancing to help kids interact with the lyrics.



Pit English

Logo Pitenglish

It is a page ?with a very good videos selection so that children learn english. There are more than 500 hundred!!!

It is a good page for teachers and parents where you can find lots of easy and simple video songs for young learners about differente many topics in which the songs are classified.

The page is written in spanish and the topics are:


Loosy Goosy Rhymes

LOOSY GOOSY RHYMES  It’s an animated book in flash animation with several rhymes . Once the bird has read the rhyme a letter is falling down and children have to decide which one of the three letters presented is the correct one.
Once the letter is chosen, the rhyme is read again and go to another one. The problem is that you can’t choose the rhyme. You have to wait till the end of each rhyme to listen to the next
These rhymes are: Hampty Dumpty – The Queen of Hearts – To market, to market – Pat-a-cake -Baa, baa black sheep


Cullen s Abc s DIY Online Preschool is designed for parents, teachers or caregivers that want to personally be involved in their child s preschool education.

Cullens Abcs is a page with more than 800 videos. It gives you step by sted guidance and resources for you to prepare your classes. With Cullen’s ABC you will learn lots of useful songs and activities. As you can check is a huge library of free videos where you can find really useful resources for young learners and lots and lots of good ideas.

If you consider it is useful for you, I am really sure you will spend hours watching videos , learning and having new ideas



With over 2,000 songs, quite possibly has the largest collection of kids’ songs and nursery rhymes on the web.Together with song lyrics, they have ?also feature videos and music for you to sing and dance along to.Use the big search box to find a specific song, browse through the categories, or if you need some inspiration, hit one of the top songs.?You can also find them by genre or by alphabetical order.You will be welcome to this little musical corner of the Internet.
PAY ATTENTION TO THE MEDIA THEY HAVE. There are some Icons that you will see just next to the title. The different icons will indicate you if the song has video ,audio or only lyrics. But many of the songs have videos for double the fun. Enjoy!
They are divided in 4 categories:
In this category you’ll find some memorable songs that not only rhyme, but also make you laugh!
The more popular nursery rhymes for children.Why not start withJack and Jill.or theFunny Wee Willie Winkie(which also has a great video).
Another song you might like isHickory Dickory Dock.but if you don’t, you really are spoilt for choice in this category, and there are lots of fantastic videos for you to watch too!
You should probably check out the?Nursery Songscategory if you don’t find what you’re looking for.



Do you remember being sung to sleep with smooth sweet lullabies when you were a baby

If you do, you may want to find the lyrics to song of many lullabies, and you can do that right here!

In this category, you will find some of the classic and most loved lullabies; perfect for sending your little bundle of joy to sleep.

If you are looking for lullabies for kids songs likeYou Are My Sunshine.Rock a Bye Babyor,Sleep My Little Baby.

They will definitely put your little one down for the night. But be careful, they might put you to sleep too!

You’ll find lots of cool videos to help you learn the lyrics of the lullabies you want to sing with your children; feel free to pass them on to your friends.


Warning: some of these songs are guaranteed to make you laugh .
This selection of silly children’s songs and nursery rhymes is one of the largest on the web. Yep, that’s right there are over 95 funny children’s songs that you can learn and share with your little people right here.
Some of the favourite isAnimal Fair; you’ll find alternative lyrics and a fun video for this song too, orBananas in Pyjamas.
You’ll be delighted to know the lyrics are still as silly as before and just as enjoyable to sing.
Have fun teaching this song to your own children, or at a summer camp.


If you are looking for popular kids song that you can and sing along to this category is the right place for you.

Here you’ll find fun, memorable songs that you can share with children in the class or even on long car journeys.

With so many great kids songs to choose from it can be tough to know where to start.

One of the favourites that everyone remembers from their childhood is-The Wheels on The Bus go Round and Round.

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