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THE EFL Playhouse

The EFL Playhouse: A Resource for ESL/EFL Teachers of Young LearnersENJOY IT!!


Here there are some fingerplays and action rhymes that help even beginning English language learners associate words and phrases with meaning.

There are 20 fingerplays lyrics useful for your children. Fingerplays that encourage them to use their body, fingers and their mouths helping pupis to remember and learn.

These are the kind of fingerplays that give children a fun experience.

There are no video or audio but include teaching estrategies, like are shown in the example below.

There areChants for Young LearnersandFingerplays and Action Rhymes

Begin with hands held in front of you.Open, shut them.(Hold hands open, palms up; close hands, making fists.)
Open, shut them.(Repeat.)
Give a little clap.(Clap.)
Open, shut them.(Hold hands open, palms up; close hands, making fists.)
Put them in your lap.(Fold hands and place them in your lap.)

agenda web

free english exercises


Eight lovely and very useful pages with lots of nursery rhymes ordered in an alphabet way.
Really handy if you want to use them in your classes to teach songs to your pupils.
Many of the songs are in videos, but you can find also some only in audio or in Lyrics.
So you can watch, listen, read and sing along


  1. The alphabet song
  2. The ABC fruity band
  3. A bear named Sue
  4. Abracadabra
  5. Amazing superheroes
  6. An old lady who …
  7. Animal house
  8. Bean Bag Hello
  9. Brush Bus
  10. Chocolate cake
  11. Dean and Pearl
  12. Don’t put your trousers on your head
  13. Everything beneath…
  14. Flying from the sun to the stars
  15. Grand Old Duke
  16. Happy New Year
  17. Hickory dickory dock
  18. How much is that doggie in the window
  19. I can run
  20. I can sing a rainbow



  1. If you’re happy and and you know it
  2. In my plane
  3. Incy Wincy spider
  4. It’s up to me and you!
  5. Jungles of Brazil
  6. Keep safe, stay alive
  7. My computer mouse
  8. Old MacDonald
  9. Old scruffy teddy
  10. Over the mountains
  11. Playing in the playground
  12. Quiet please
  13. Ramadan chant
  14. Record breakers
  15. Santa, Santa, high in the sky
  16. She’ll be coming round the mountains
  17. Stop! Look! Listen! ..
  18. Ten little aeroplanes
  19. Ten shiny coins
  20. The ballad of Lisa the lemur

NICKY’S Nursery Rhymes


In this page you have Music and songs, lullabies, tongue twisters and some activities like print and do.

A collection of more than 200 music and songs  with no videos , but many of them have file accompaniment. Pay attention to the button or circle next to it because the file is different depending on the colour :

 Colour Blue: Midi Music

 Colour Red: Wav or MP3 Music 

 Colour Green: Spoken Items

About 30 lullabies and 12 tongue twisters and some more resources.

I hope it will be useful for you



Animated Story Books and Songs

MIGHTY BOOKChildren sing songs, read stories, play games, hear jokes and solve puzzles while they learn to read and speak English.


This is a good place if you want to find some original stories, songs, games and puzzles, plus scores of classic books, poems and songs. Everything is illustrated, animated and read out loud.

In this page you can have ?a sample of them. Hundreds more are available to subscribers, with no advertising.

Probably the animated stories and books have a difficult vocabulary and expressions for foreign ?young students, being more proper for intermediate students.

On the other hand, the sing-along songs and words and letters, for example, are better for children.


Here I leave some examples about you can find:


Finger plays, Rhymes and Songs

I strongly recommend you this page because it has great songs and nursery rhymes for children. Many ?of them are in videos.
You can choose the song ?either choosing by themes (like in the links below) or the ones in alphabetical order (if you go to the page).
Of course, ?you will find also the lyrics of each song or nursery rhyme.
Here you have the themes of these webpage and a video as example. Enjoy it!!!
Animals Body Parts Bugs and Insects Colors
Clothing Counting Food Holidays
Nonsense Words Pocket and Pouch Rhymes Seasons Shapes
Sizes Vehicles Weather





You can watch the video and download free flashcards and worksheets from this site. Of course, you can use them to teach the song, review vocabulary, or  for activities and games. You’ll find common ones such as alphabet flashcards and number flashcards, as well as some ones made just for the songs. When you click to visit the song’s page you’ll discover these free flashcards, a video and more. These free resources are related with:

Old Mc Donald  – The Alphabet Chant  – The Alphabet Song, – Are You Hungry –The Bath Song –Bingo I and II

Count and move – Counting bananas – Days Of The WeekDo You Like Broccoly Ice Cream

The Eensey Weensey SpiderFive Little Monkeys  – Five Little Pumpkins – Go Away – Happy Birthday – 

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes – Hello – Pokey Hokey How’s the Weather I See Something Blue

I See Something Pink If You Are Happy The Month’s Chant – Old Mcx DonaldOne Little Finger

One Potatoe ,TwoPotatoes – Open, Shut them- The Pinocchio- Put On Your Shoes- Rain, rain Go Again –

Seven Steps– The Shape Songs 1 and 2 – Skidamarink Ten in The BedWhat Do You Want For Christmas

The Wheels On the Bus – Who Took The Cookie

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