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GREAT EDUCATIONAL web  to search, learn, and explore information on a safe and secure site. Perfect for help with homework or in class. Highly  and perfect visual content that covers all curriculum subjects !

Quizzes, videos and animations to engage and fascinate any child.


Below, more explanations and links about this page that is divided into several sections. 

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The animal kingdom,     food chains,     cats,    dogs,    amphibians, mammals,    insects,    reptiles,    birds,    centipedes and millipedes,    fish,    plants,    invertebrates,    habitats and ecosystems,    primates,     whales dolphins and porpoises,    sponges,    aardvark,    anteaters and sloths,    arachnids,    armadillos,    badgers,    bats,    bears,    camels,    cattle,    crustaceans,    deer,    domesticated animals,    earthworms and leeches,    elephants,    giraffes,    hippopotamuses,    horses,    hyenas,    insect-eaters,    jellyfish corals and anemones,    mushrooms,    nocturnal animals,    otters,    pet care,    pigs,    plankton,    plant care,    rabbits and hares,    raccoons,     red pandas,    rhinoceroses,    rodents,    seals lions and walruses,    squids snails and shellfish,    starfish sea urchins and sea cucumbers,    weasels,    what is a living thing?


How do I start coding?,    programming languages,    scratch sprites,    scratch windows,     what is coding?,     what is the internet?,     What is Python?,    What is scratch?,    What is the wide world web?


Dinosaurs,     the first animals,     Cambrian explosion,     fossils,     prehistoric amphibians,    prehistoric fish,    prehistoric invertebrates,    prehistoric mammals,     prehistoric reptiles


Caves,     Coasts,     Continents,     crystals and gems,     deserts,     earthquakes,     glaciers,     landmarks of the world,     meteorite impacts,     mountains,     oceans and seas,     rivers, rock cycle,     rocks and minerals,     seasons,     structure of the Earth,    tectonic plates,     volcanoes,     water cycle,    weather


Adjectives,     antonyms,      nouns,     parts of the speech,     punctuation,    synonyms,     verbs


Stone age,      bronze age,      iron age,     ancient Egypt,    world war I,     world war II,     Vikings,     Aztecs,     Incas,     Mayans,     ancient Greeks,     seven wonders of the world,     castles,     kings and queens,     black death,     Celts,     Tudors,     Victorian Britain,     explorers,     ancient Rome,     Mesopotamia,     Indus valley and civilization,     Mughals,     Modern India,     ancient China, the Napoleonic wars,     the Titanic,     fashion,     Guy Fawques and the gunpowder plot,     Anglo-Saxons,     Ellis-island,     great fire of London,     Maori,     Native Americans,    Nelson Mandela and apartheid,     Normans,     Pirates,     Presidents of United States,     slave trade,    spies,    the American West,    US Civil Rights,


Body defences,    brain and nerves,    digestion,    heart and blood,     keeping healthy,     life cycle,    lungs and breathing,     muscles, the senses,     skeleton and bones,    your amazing body ,   your water works,


Adding and subtracting,     averages,     coordinates,     fractions,     geometry,     numbers,     prime numbers,     times tables,


Musical instruments,     poetry,     Shakespeare’s globe,     types of music,


Amazing inventions,      electricity,      energy,     famous scientists,     forces and motion,     heat,     light,    magnets, materials,     microscopes,      simple machines,    solids liquids and gases,     sound,


Constellations,     life in space,     moon landscapes,     observing space,     the Solar System,    the space race,     the space shuttle,     Sun and Galaxies,


American football,     athletics,      baseball,     basketball,     cricket,     cycling,     football,    golf,    gymnastic,     hockey,     horse riding,    ice hockey,    lacrosse,     skateboarding,      skiing,     snowboarding,     swimming,     tennis,


History of aircraft,     history of cars,     history of tractors,     history of trains,


Braille,     festivals and holidays,     special events,    what does a politician do?,    What is dyslexia? ,    what is a refugee?


About 80 short, fascinating and interesting videos with real facts.

Here there is a video as example: 

If you are interested, there is also a selection of some of the reference books, apps, and educational resources published by DK that you can buy. 

More than 150 quizzes to check your children acknowledgment

Many interesting facts to be discovered

It is also worth in this page their lovely and clear images. Here you have an  example:


Biology Colouring Pages & Worksheets

Many interesting activities in this site for your children to learn that can be an incredible source of new material. 

Let’s discover each one better…………………..

 Let’s discover each one better:


A way to have fun coloring while learning about the living world:






Insects animals


Ugly bugs


Sometimes the best way to learn biology is by playing a game or using a simulation.  Here a list from the current collection of fun biology games. 

Bee dance game

Beetle dissection tool

Bone anatomy viewer

Cell viewer and game

Doctor Know

Lizard Island

Monster Maker

Latch & Catch

Peppered moths

Sciences detectives:Training room scape

Skeleton viewer



The biology quizzes are based on  Ask A Biologist articles. You might want to read the article first, or if you feel up to the challenge, give them a try before reading each article.

 The quizzes also require JavaScript running on your browser.


Biology Podcast and Videos

From the Ask A Biologist website you can listen to them in their popular biology podcast show. Dr. Biology has been speaking with many of the biologists that are discovering new worlds and exploring new frontiers in biology. There are over 80 episodes and they will add  more interviews. Each show includes a full written transcript and content log.


All of them are based based on the articles at the Ask A Biologist site.

The first number is the word search puzzle

The second one is the crossword

A Nervous Journey 43 KB 42 KB
An Invisible Watery World 45 KB 55 KB
Ant Farm 41 KB 28 KB
Ants 89 KB 82 KB
Bats 36 KB 28 KB
Big Bad Beetles 52 KB 41 KB
Birds and Their Songs 39 KB 37 KB
Building Blocks of Life 87 KB 94 KB
Cloning Ewe 54 KB 48 KB
Collecting Ants 34 KB 32 KB
Crazy Climate and Wacky Weather 168 KB 97 KB
Darwin and Mendel’s Afternoon Tea 43 KB 31 KB
Desert Diggers 49 KB 47 KB
Desert Fruits Rock! 120 KB 117 KB
Face to Face with Ants 41 KB 39 KB
Feather Biology 32 KB 24 KB
He Ain’t Tasty He’s My Brother 61 KB 33 KB
How Do Beetles Reproduce? 48 KB
How to Find What You Need on the Internet 96 KB
I Spy an Ecosystem 42 KB 29 KB
Linnaeus and the World of Taxonomy 42 KB 31 KB
Making Life Crystal Clear 49 KB 43 KB
Making the List 53 KB 46 KB
Metamorphosis – Nature’s Ultimate Transformer 100 KB 93 KB
Mighty Morphing Tree Lizards 62 KB 46 KB
Migrating Monarchs 28 KB 19 KB
Mite Mighty Foe to ‘Killer’ Bees in State 66 KB
Nature’s Medicine 34 KB 28 KB
Not So Scary Scorpions 73 KB 45 KB
Perfect Python Parenting 84 KB 37 KB
Pollen – Nature’s Tiny Clues 40 KB 30 KB
Sea Urchins Do Research 38 KB
Secrets of a Superorganism 34 KB 38 KB
Seeing Color 82 KB 72 KB
Solving a Genetic Mystery 85 KB 117 KB
Sonoran CSI 55 KB 54 KB
Spaced Out Physiology 96 KB 112 KB
The Tale of the Two Headed Lampropeltis getulus californiae 47 KB 32 KB
Time Traveling Plants 78 KB
True Bugs 41 KB 35 KB
Wastewater: Nature’s Power Drink? 35 KB
Where In The World Is Kazakhstan? 93 KB
Why Are English Sailors Called Limeys? 57 KB 1 KB


Tabc animalshese great and fantastic resources come from anglomaniacy

This animals section with interesting facts and an easy vocabulary connects English with kids’ interests. Learners can build vocabulary and develop their reading skills, while at the same time broading their knowledge of animals.

I have been working with this material in the class and I promise children like it indeed!

There are 26 animals at the ABC Zoo. Each animal begins with a different letter. Play animal games, learn animal facts and practise your English at the same time!

At the bottom of this page you have the list. If you click on the animal you will have the pdf in a moment!


animal games 

 26 animal-related games at the ABC Zoo including colouring, guessing and dressing up games. Most of them are just for fun, but some games have educational values.

animal facts

 26 animal readers with an easy and functional vocabulary. Each of them provides quick information and fun facts about the animals in the list at the bottom of this page.

printable worksheets

26 animal worksheets. Each worksheet introduces kids to a different animal, and includes a variety of word games for practising and reinforcing the language related with the animal facts.

Personally, I have been working with this material in my classes and it has been great. I recommed you. The printables about fact animasl and activities are: 


Below , you have the animal printables: 26 sets organized in the alphabetical order and in different presentations (the old one and the modern one) and the worksheet. Just click on the animal!

In the old presentation there is also a small poem or song at the end related with the animal My children really love it!

songs In anglomaniacy you also have  a collection of 15 popular kids songs to sing along with lyrics and worksheets


Animals & Plants Pictures Gallery

In this web page you can find more than 9.400 great pictures and photos with a very good resolution to be used for flashcards, power points, presentations….
Here I leave some examples made by myself:


the leopard.ppt2


Below I leave the links to the different categories. Just …CLICK AND GO!


national geographic for kids- photos, videos and more

national geographic kids 3THis page has changed a lot. I have to rewrite it. Anyway it’s worthwhile to visit it

Before were much better than now. You have to register and, even if there are some free resources, they are continuously  offering the subscribtion.

national geographic kids 5In the same way This page has changed a lot. From my point of view, searching things were easier before than now.

national geographic kids2In “photos gallery ” there are photos about different  categries.

It has also changed a lot. 


clipart from Arthur’s

Arthurs offers free clipart, images, illustrations of everything in the world in large image format which is suitable for presentations, projects and school usage etc.

The author comments that you are free to use them for private or educational use(It is very important to remember that this site is NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES).

As the author explains in his page:The final purpose of this site is to establish a huge clipart resource for private and educational purposes especially for those people, teachers and learners who can not afford to purchase books for their education, especially for the rural people of South Africa and the rest of the world”

How to manage inside this web page

It is very easy!!
Below you have the clip art menu.
1) Click on the ?item selected . It will leave you to the page where you will find an explanation about the chosen topic
2) Look for the place that indicates : “GO TO THE CLIPART” or “colour clipart” or B & W clipart” and click on it.
3?) It will display a great collection of pictures related with your election that you can download with not commercial purposes.


Accidents Africa African Americans
. Agriculture Amphibians Animal Tracks
. Animals A to Z Animals (Domestic) Animal Homes
. Animal Tracks Animals (Wild) Antelope and Deer
. Animated Gifs Architecture Around the World
. Astronomy Australasia


Background Tiles Bats Bibliography
. Bears Biology (Animal) Biology (Plant)
. Birds- All types . .
. Birds?- Forest, Field, Song, House Birds – Crows, Rooks, Magpies Birds – Ducks, Geese, & Swans
. Birds -Flamingos, Spoonbills Birds – Flightless Birds – Game
. Birds – Odd and Ends Birds – Owls Birds – Raptors
. Birds – Water Bridges Buildings


Car Mechanics ?Cats Cave Man
. Celebrations Children (All Types) Children (Boys)
. Children (Girls) Children (Girls and Boys) Children (Miscellaneous1)
. Children (Tiny Tots) Christmas Circus
. Clothing Coloring Books Comics
. Crocodiles and Alligators . .


Dams Dancing Death
. Dinosaurs Disney Dogs




Ecology Elephants Egypt
. Engineering England (U. K.) English History
. England Kings and Queens Europe


Fairy and Fantacy Famous People Famous Works of Art
. Far East Fashion
. Flowers Food Fresh Water Fish
. From the Past Frogs Fruit
Fungus Furniture .


Giraffe Golf Great Britain


Greece Hippos History
. Hobbies and Pastimes Homes Horses
Human Body


Industry Insects Invertebrates


Just for Kids (More to Color) . .


Leopards Lines Lions


Lizards Machines Mammals
. Maps old and Ancient .Masks .
Mechanics (Car) Medical Minerals
. Monkeys Monsters Music


Nature Nomenclature .


Occupations . .
. Pets People Physics
. Plants . .


Poultry Prehistoric Man Prehistoric Life


Rabbits Hares and Pikas .


. Recreation Religion
. Rhinos Rodents Roman


Sailing Ships Science Science & Technology
. Scouts Sea Creatures Sea Crustaceans
. Sea Fish ?Sea Mammals Sea Sharks
. Sea Shells Seven Wonders of the Old World Silhouettes
. Skeletons Snakes South Africa
. Space Spiders Sport Baseball
. Sport Basketball Sport Biking Sport Bowls
. Sport Cricket Sport Football Sport Gymnasium
. Sport Hockey Sport Horse .
. Sport Miscellaneous Sport One on One Sport Rugby
. Sport Running Sport Soccer Sport Tennis
. Sport Track and Field Sport Water Sport Winter
. Stories . .


Teddy Bears Tigers Transport (All Types)
. Transport Air Transport Land Transport Sea (Water)
. . Tools Tourism
.. Toys Trees Turtles & Tortoises


United Kingdom U S A .


Vegetables Vertebrates .


Wealth Weapons Wild Cats
. Wild Dogs Wild Horses Wild Pigs
Witches World Flags Xmas
. Ye Olde English Inns Zimbabwe Zoology



By far the most popular resource downloaded from Lanternfish. These cards are ideal for teaching vocabulary. 


If you are looking for flashcards… in this site you wil find lots and lovely ones. But, apart from that and as you see a bit below, you will find many other and interesting resources. Among them, great and useful phonics resources.


Home| Crosswords| Word Searches| Flash Cards| Verbs|Songs| Creative Writing| Work SheetsPhonicsABCs Survival EnglishBusiness ESL| ESL for Adults| Articles for Teaching ESL| Lesson Plans| Young Learners ESL | ESL Jobs

Here you have the list of really interesting flashcards under each 203topic. If you click on each of them you will discover some more related with the title. Don’t miss it!!!

Can (Modal) Cards

Want Cards

Monkey Cards

Gorilla Cards

Bear Cards

Classroom Cards

Monster Cards

ABC Cards

Places Flashcards

Preposition Cards

Passive Voice Cards

Scientist Cards

Animal Body Parts

Health and Safety

Rooms in a House

Dolch Sight Words

Reptile Flashcards

Pirate Cards

Seasons and Days

Creature Cards

Spaceship Cards

Wizard Cards

Animal Habitat Cards

Forest Animals

Job Cards

Animal Behaviour

Space Explorers

Superhero Cards

Preposition movement

Insects/ Forest Floor





Fall Flashcards

Clothes Flashcards

Summer Flashcards

Five Senses Cards

Spring Flashcards

Sports Flashcards

Greek Myths

Knights and Castles


Fairytales and Fantasy

Animal Collective Nouns

Food Web/Food Chain

Simile Cards

Shapes, Numbers Colors

CVC Word Ca


LANTERNFISH:contains printable teaching resources for language arts, TESOL, TEFL and ESL.Lots of worksheets full of contents for your classes. If you dare to have a look a bit below you will realise about how many worksheet you will find. Worksheets about: festivities, phonics, grammar…

Young LearnerWorksheets:

Basic ESL worksheets for K7 young learnersThis section has been much expanded with over fifty units of young learners’ teaching materials.

Winter WorksheetsTeach winter vocabulary with these winter worksheets and activities.

Christmas Worksheets: Teach Christmas vocabulary with these Christmas worksheets and activities. There is also aChristmas bingo game. Merry Christmas!

Thanksgiving Worksheets: Teach Thanksgiving vocabulary with these Thanksgiving worksheets and activities.

Board Game: An excellent communicative activity with extensive support materials for teaching kids. In the Content Questions Board Game game kids answer content questions like What do seeds need to grow 

Word Skills Gamegreat word skills game with extensive support materials for teaching kids how to talk about words.

Proverbs Communication Activity: Students are given common English proverbs to communicate to other students. Students then take a quiz to test their communication skills.

I need a Ticket to Osaka, Japan  : Students practise purchasing airline tickets from ticketing agents in this line-up style role-play. Good for tourism English, Business English or false beginners who are planning to travel.

Frog Life Cycle Worksheets: Good content-based ESL with these Frog Life Cycle Worksheets.

Can I Bug You for a Sec role-play where students ask for help solving a puzzle. A good classroom English role-play as students use language to talk about words.

Reporting Changes: A Business ESL role-play where?students report changes in corporate indicators and explain reasons why changes occurred.

Can I take a message  Telephone EnglishStudents practice taking and leaving message with this telephone English role-play. There is also a business English version.

Giving Directions: A role-play to practice asking someone out to dinner and giving directions to the restaurant. Also, Giving directions II: directions?by subway or bus route. And finally, giving directions III: directions by roadmap and suggesting somewhere to go.

Movie Lessons! Two great activities with worksheets, role-plays, and activities for teaching ESL for movies.

I’m Calling about the Apartment :role-play where students inquire about an apartment for rent.

Little Letter Tracing WorksheetsYounger learners can practice their small letters with these ABC worksheets.

A Visit to the Doctor Role-playone hour role-play to practice expressions needed to discuss an ailment with the doctors.

Banking Role-Play I: one hour banking role-play that explores the expressions needed to do five basic transactions at a bank: deposit money, withdraw money, cash checks, exchange currency, and pay bills.

How Much Is It : This shopping unit has an information gap, a survey, and a roleplay . There is also vocabulary worksheets and teaching tips .

Short Conversation Resources :A collection of over thirty short conversation worksheets.

Teaching Effective Communication Through Graded Reading MaterialsAn article on teaching effective communication to ESL/EFL students. There are a lot of materials prepared for the TEFL teacher in this article.

TEFL Grapevine: Students spread rumors to practice their storytelling skills in this loud and stimulating TEFL activity.

Grammar Soccer: Reported Speech: grammar activity  with extensive resources for teaching indirect reported speech.

Traveling Among Monsters Language Enrichment: A new series of lengthy units with reading comprehension, pattern practice and vocabulary activities:Traveling Among Monsters.

The BiggleboriansThis worksheet combines anthropology and ESL. Useful for teaching the present progressive and the past.

Cloze Activities: A variety of cloze activities sorted by difficulty.

Irregular Past Tense Verbs: This new section contains?materials to teach the most frequently occurring irregular past tense verbs.

Job Fair: A Role-play: new lesson where students role-play job seekers and employer to practice their interviewing skills.

Easy ESL Crosswords : A collection of ESL crosswords put together by Lanternfish ESL:

Teaching Relative Clauses with Massive Comprehensible Input: This section contains 20 crosswords made using a database of clues in the form of relative clauses. There is also a new collection with word skills crosswords.

Describing and Captioning Pictures: A great activity for sentence level speaking and writing. Students describe a picture  in as many sentences as they can. There is also a section for young learners now.

Initial Sounds and Final Sounds Phonics Worksheets: Over 30 new worksheets that cover the initial sounds of words. There are also some newly added Final Sounds Worksheets. Also check out the phonics monsters.

Alphabet Worksheets: collection of alphabet worksheets including alphabet mazesalphabet trains, and big letter coloring worksheets and small letter tracing sheets.

Reading Puzzle Packets: An early literacy tool that can also be used to reinforce sight words and teach grammar and syntax in a variety of themes popular in the ESL classroom.

Juicy Baek: role-play for adult intermediate to advanced students. Thought provoking and fun!

Survival English: A Crash Course for False Beginners Who are about to set off to another country.

ESL Surveys: Students can survey each other using one of many survey question sheets. There is also a blank template for teachers to make their own.

Telephone Language: new lesson plan in the lesson plan section. A line-up style role-play where students make plans over the telephone.

Superlatives Communication Activity : Students communicate fact cards about the natural world that contain a superlative adjective.

The ESL Science Center: monthly web magazine with science articles geared towardsESL learners. This month: Reptiles, Amphibians, Science, Scientists, and Anthropology.

Writers Workshop: The workshop has moved. Lessons on Weighing an Argument, Building an Argument, and Refuting an Argument.

Preposition Cards: Ghosts, trolls, and aliens are in the house.Check out the Preposition Flashcards.

Hypothetically Speaking Game: Hypothetically Speaking: A fluency game for practicing hypothetical speech. A lot of work went into preparing this game for middle/high school students. Enjoy!

Other Resources  :The Dolch Sight Words teaching materials are new. As well as the Phrasal Verb CrosswordsThe Harry Potter Worksheets.

ESL Business Activities: Several good ESL business activities are in the?Business ESL Worksheets.

ESL Game Boards: Dozens of Printable Game boards for communicative classes.

Holiday Worksheets: This sections contains links to all of the holiday worksheet sections: Chritsmas, New Year, Halloween, Thanks giving, Valentine’s day, Easter, April’s fool day…

Information Gap Exercises: The Information Gaps cover topics from shopping to rooms in a house.

Conversation Question Prompts: Themed question lists for free-talking classes.

Bingo Game: Learn forest animal names and the conjunction ‘and’ with this Bingo Game. Now, there are many new bingo games with bingo card generators with topics such as birds, animals, kitchen objects, shapes and colors.

Opposite Concentration: Use opposites to teach vocabulary. This section includes games and worksheets for opposites.

Food Chain Worksheets :Activities and worksheets to teach concepts related to food webs and food chains.

City Worksheets: Activities and worksheets with a city theme.

Insect Worksheets: Worksheets and activities to teach insect themes

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