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 I am a teacher of English in Spain and I teach in a primary school.

I started this website because I wanted to share all the best free teaching  resources that I have found and find in internet.

A page plenty of useful resources organised in a comprehensive way.

I consider that many of them can be very useful  for students of english as a second language at school. Some other ones can be useful in order to improve the own english acknowledgement.

If you like this page and consider that it isuseful, please share it with your colleagues. The team of this web  will be very grateful.


 If you are interested in contacting me, please send me a message with text so I can guess that it is not spam. All the mails without any text in it  won’t be taking in account.


Thank you lots.

Si está usted interesado en contactar conmigo, por favor, envíen un correo con mensaje incluido para saber que no se trata de spam. Todos los correos que lleguen sin mensaje alguno no serán tenidos en cuenta


Muchas gracias 

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