DIPLOMA MAKER to make easy diplomas for your students

DIPLOMA MAKER to make easy diplomas for your students

Diploma makediploma 2r is a very easy way if you want to award your students with something special.

With more 8o central images and more than 30 different frames.

You can choose your own words and with a great, great variety of different fonts.

The page is written in Duch but it is not difficult. Anyway, I give you some directions in order to make it easier for you.

This is what you see when you go to the page. To your left I leave some explanationsdiploma maker

TITEL = The title you want to write at the top of your certificate
Naam = name
Onderschrifft= The legend you want. It will appear at the bottom of the page
Datum= date
Selectie kanltjn= Select frame (more than 30 different ones)
afbeelding= add the image
diploma maker 2
Imagine you want to choose anyother picture that you can have in your computer . Well, in this case follow next steps
First, you click on “blader” and choose your image on your computer.
Second, upload it by clicking the button “uploaden”. If you don’t like the image you can eliminate it by clicking Werwijder”.
Third, once you have the diploma you want , just, print it?
Blader= choose the one from your computer
uploaden= upload it
Werwijder= to erase it in order to choose another one
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