Doorway- learning phonemes with games

Doorway- learning phonemes with games

Doorway Online is an excellent collection of free learning activities originally developed with funding from Scottish Borders Council. It is now managed by the Doorway Accessible Software Trust, a Scottish charity. The suite comprises highly accessible educational activities that learners will find easy to use independently. Each exercise has range of accessibility and difficulty options.

Doorway Speller
Practise spelling using the well proven method, “Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check”. Users enter text using their keyboard or tdoorway1he on-screen keyboard. The word database includes lists graded at levels A – D of the Scottish 5 -14 Curriculum and lists organised by topic. Scottish Borders Council users can see how to add their own lists on the news page. fullscreen


First Blends
Practise spelling short words containing blends, such as ‘br’ and digraphs, such as ‘ai’. There are 60 words to choose from, each with its own image and speech support. On-screen keyboard and scanning options are available. fullscreen
First Words
Practise spelling simple words. Choose from 60 words targeted at level A of the Scottish 5 – 14 Curriculum. Users look at the image and listen to the word being said before spelling, using their keyboard or the on-screen keyboard. fullscreen
First Sounds
Identify the first sounds in words. Users see and hear the word before attempting to pick the starting sound using the keyboard. Pressing the keyboard allows the user to hear the letters and diagraphs. Choose from 56 words, starting with vowels, consonants and the digraphs “ch”, “th” and “sh”.fullscreen
Letter and Number Formation
This activity provides a good model for learners starting to write letters and numbers. Clear animations show the correct starting points and proper strokes. Use the mouse, touch screen or interactive whiteboard to follow or “write over” the letter as it is formed. Letter Formation uses the Jotter Primary font, which appears throughout the Doorway Online activities. Alternative versions of the letters ‘f’ and ‘k’ are available.
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