Drama games for kids

Drama games for kids

drama games for kids

     In the  page  of “bbbpress.com/dramagames”  you will find a comprehensive resource of drama games for kids and teaching drama tips.

There are different types of activities: warm up activities, ensemble building,  break out of shell, focus, creativity and improv

I also like to start or include in many of my classes with a tongue twister

Very useful even for your daily classes. I use them from time to time. Some of my favourites – above all for special days- with lots of fun are: 



I have changed the game a little bit.  I choose a pair  of students. One asks the questions and the other one .no matter the question,  must keep a straight face and answer “sausage”.

How many questions are they going to do without smiling or laughing? In that moment I change the pair of students.

I leave here some questionssausages questions

but depending on the age of your students and their english confident they can write or ask their own questions

A: What’s that hanging from your ear?
B: Sausage
A: What’s your sister’s name?
B: Sausage
A: How old are you?
B: Sausage.



  • One  student leaves the room while the others stand in circle and choose a secret leader.

  • The leader will start with a repetitive motion that the others follow and the leader will slowly change the motion while the others follow without missing a beat.

  • The student from outside will come back in and try to figure out who the leader is.

  • GREAT!!!!!



  • A variation of “the mirror” 

  • To help children to break out of shell.

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