What is englishbiz?

It is an educational web site, created , writen and run by an experienced english teacher. It consist of a series of web pages that provide up-to-date help. The focus here is on the skills of analysis and writing, rather than on individual texts,

– If you need specific help with a novel, poem or play, then try here or, formore poems, try here.

– And if you would like to email an English teacher for free help, then click here. You’ll need to create an username and sign in but it’s well worth it.

The content of eachEnglishbiz web page has been carefully researched with your needs in mind. To keep pages concise, some key terms are hyperlinkeed and appear underlined, bold and blue. Clicking on these links will open a new page or mini pop-up box that gives extra detail or depth only needed.

You can find in this page lots of information about different aspects of writing. If you like writng, this is your page.

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