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Create thousands of worksheets and printables for ESL kids’ classes with the ESL-Kids worksheet generator.
For teachers in a hurry:
  1. Choose a theme
  2. Click “New Random List”
  3. Scroll down the page
  4. Choose a worksheet wizard
For teachers with time to spare:
  1. Choose a theme
  2. Click “New Random List”
  3. Customize the list
  4. Click “Use these words”
  5. Scroll down the page
  6. Choose a worksheet wizard

You have over 33 themes. Once you have chosen your theme and words you willl have??over a dozen wizards to choose as I show below:

1.-Create a writing practice sheet with the words chosen in two different fonts
2.- Create a tracing worksheet with the words chosen
3.- Create amultiple-choice worksheet with the words chosen
4.- Create a dice game with the words chosen with 2 options: Vocabulary ‘Dice’ game or Word & Picture ‘Dice’ game.
5.- Create a die template
6.- Create text-only flashcards with the words chosen
7.- Create aspelling quiz with pictures with the words chosen
8.- Create a bingo sheetusing the selected theme with several options: 3×3; 4×4; 5×5. with the words chosen
9.- Create aslam sheet with several options with the words chosen
10.- Create a tracing worksheet with the words chosen
11.- Create a drawing sheet so kids can copy the pictures for the words chosen.
12.- Create a board game using pictures for the words chosen, or from the whole theme.
13.- Create a word searchusing the words chosen in an easy or difficult way
14.- Create a trace and match-up sheet with the words chosen
15.- Create an unscramble sheet in which the words chosen are scrambled and the kids need to unscramble them.
16.- Create a spinner so kids can practice saying the vocabulary for the words chosen
17.- Create a fun‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ game with only words or only pictures with the words chosen
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