Grammar resources

Grammar resources



This is a very useful page of BBC for english and maths for adults.
BBC Skillswise is a free-to-access website for adult numeracy and literacy tutors and students, with printable worksheets and factsheets and online games, videos and quizzes that can be used in class or by students at home. It currently covers Entry 3 and Level 1 of the Skills for Life numeracy and literacy core curricula.
In its homepage you can choose among: English, maths, job skills, adult learning , tutors, about skillswise.
Of course, I recommend you to go to the English page. You can see there are 6 topics: reading, writingspelling , word grammar, sentence grammar and speaking and listening.

skillswise reading

Each topic is divided into more topics. For example:

1.- Reading: The sound of English, Recognising letters and words, Types of text, Dictionaries and indexes, skimming and scanning, fact of opinion, reading and understanding, reading for pleasure

skillwise writing


2.- Writing: handwriting, Typing, filling in a form, writing a letter, planning your writing, Format and style, building up paragraphs, editing and proofreading

skillwise spelling

3. –Spelling:Plurals, prefixes and suffixes, root words, common letters patterns, memory aids, words to watch out for

skillwise word grammar


4.-Word grammar: What are word types, Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, Pronouns, Connectives

skillwise sentence grammar


5.-Sentence and grammar: Punctuation, sentence structure, varieties of English, past, present or future tenses, instructions.


skillwise speaking and listening


6.- Speaking and listening: Types of listening, listening for specific, communication skills, formal and informal speaking, giving a presentation





There are  games, short videos around 1 minute, really useful for your classes and quizzes from the BBC to help adults improve their knowledge of parts of speech such as nouns, adjectives and the like. The games are useful for children too.

To go to this page click on each thumbnail or on the title.

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