learn english idioms

learn english idioms

This is a collection of more than 65 short, good  and funny videos of   about 2 minutes to explain idioms and learn english at the same time.

For medium and high level .

against the clock

are you as keen as mustard?

the early bird cathes the warm

as cool as a cucumber

Mother of parliaments - Rocked the nation

What an ugly duckling

To get a handle on

Snouts in the through- Fingers in the till

On the back burner

It's a bit much

Each to its own

Waiting in the wings

Zero hour

Can you do an U-turn?

made my day

I miss the heat

born with a silver spoon

Pushed so many people's buttons- slow to anger

Feather their own nest -Wistleblower

Laughing stock- Cleaning out of the stable

I miss the heat

A chain is not stronger than it weakest link

Serve as a mirror- Come clean

A lame duck

Daft as a brush

Vent your spleen

Labour of love

On the back foot

x rated warning

a face like thunder

A bad taste in the mouth - Baying for blood

neck and neck

Step up to the mark - Food for thought

The laws of the land- Flown out of the window

the apple of my eye

The cake's no worth the candle

The nature of the beast

As mad as a march hare

A yen

Zero tolerance

To tuckle an issue?

A wake up call

Packed like sardines

Face the music

Have baked ideas

Odds and ends

Hand in glove

The tables are turned

Rack your brains

Rack and ruin

Vicious circle

The acid test

All mouth and trousers

A picture is worth a thousand words

Are you safe and sound?

Are you a yes man?

Safe as houses

Jack the lad

Made of money

Not a snowball chance in Hell

Call a spade a spade

A breath of fresh air

I'll eat my hat

A pain in the neck

I'll cross that road when I come to it

Hair of the dog

A hen-pecked husband

Kangaroo Court

Get a grip

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