From Activity village I bring a  collection of large and always growing of free posters to print for the classroom or home, including lovely illustrated animal posters for younger kids, inspiring quotation posters for teachers, and catchy message posters that everyone will find useful.

May you find them useful for your classrooms, hall….


village be kind2

village now_wash_your_hands_poster_460_0

village bullying

village safety_first_pool_poster_460_0

village be kind

village remember_the_sun_cream_poster_460_0

village gossip

village brush your teeth

village treat_others_poster_460_0

village put_your_seat_belt_on_poster_460_0

village don't distract the driver

village keep_brushing_for_2_minutes_poster_460_0

school_rules_colouring_posters_150SCHOOL RULES COLOURING POSTERS

Their school rules colouring posters are a fun way to introduce simple school rules to children, and involve them by offering something they can colour and display to remind others. Perhaps a small group of children could colour in each poster – or you could run a competition with the best colourings put up on display. These pictures are also available as School Rules Colouring Pages and School Rules Story Paper.

QUOTAquotation_posters_av2TION POSTERS

There are also  quotation posters feature inspiring quotes and beautiful photography. They are perfect for decorating the walls of your classroom, staff room or home. They are obviously a little heavy on the printer ink, but we think they are worth it.

animal_posters_av2 ANIMAL POSTERS

The free printable animals posters for kids will quickly decorate the classroom, the nursery or anywhere else you would enjoy seeing these cute cartoon animals, particularly appealing for younger children! They will print out to A4 size. They are also available as animal colouring pages, learn to draw animals and complete the picture animals so you can get kids of all ages involved. Lots more coming soon, too…

number_posters_av2  NUMBER POSTERS

Pretty, bright picture number posters to print for display in the classroom or home. They have a variety of sets to choose from: big bold numbers that take up the whole page, picture posters with fun illustrations, and more.

alphabet_posters_av2ALPHABET POSTERS

Bright, cheerful, fun and easy to print – that’s our collection of printable alphabet posters!They’ve got posters for the classroom – print them out for letter of the week, or you can run through the whole alphabet on the whiteboard. And they are also building up a lovely set of animal alphabet posters that make great room decorations for children.

school_posters_av2SCHOOL POSTERS

Activity Village has a huge resource of posters these days, and we seem to be adding more all the time! 

Many of them are perfect for the school, homeschool or childminding environment, and these posters are popular downloads.

people_who_help_us_posters_150PEOPLE WHO HELP US POSTERS

Fun posters of people who help us – or community helpers – to print and display, perfect for a topic at nursery or school.

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