READING BEAR- phonetics for young learners

READING BEAR- phonetics for young learners

1211What age level is Reading Bear for?

Reading Bear is aimed mainly at children learning to read at the traditional ages of 4-7. The concepts, vocabulary, and length of the presentations were designed especially with these ages in mind. But even younger children do enjoy and get something out of Reading Bear.

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sound it slowly or quickly,audio and silent flashcards,audio and silent sentences…

How is Reading Bear supposed to work?

Reading Bear combines carefully-matched text and audio with pictures and videos, to show the student precisely how each letter is sounded out and what words mean. This will, we hope, “unlock the mystery” of reading for young students both in terms of phonics and comprehension.

The student can systematically begin with a very easy presentation type?”Sound It Out Slowly”?and even have all the words demonstrated in advance, with no participation required. For the next step, the student hears the words blended slowly and is asked only to blend it quickly. By the third step, the student has heard the words two or more times apiece and has very likely begun to internalize sounds being taught. So the student is ready to start blending the word with only a quick sounding-out of the word as a prompt. In the last step, the student both sounds out and blends the words with only the text as a clue.
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