St. Valentine’s/ mother’s day

St. Valentine’s/ mother’s day

I put here mother’s day and Valentine’s because I think  many times the same idea can be used for both.


Materials: photocopies, half of a sheet of cardboard, felt tips, blue, scissors


1.- Ask the children to colour the heart they want with their felt tips 

2.- Cut it out. 

3.- Cut  the heart with the words buy the line and fold it by the dotted lines 

4.- Stick the coloured heart over the one you have folded 

5.- Fold the cardboard in twos  for the card and stick the hearts inside. 

6.- Decorate it as you want (in  the photo there are stickers)

You can download the copy by clicking here or on the picture

The activity has been created by me, although the hearts are taken from the arts and crafts book (primary 4) “think, do and learn”  (oxford education)  




Here there are some more ideas from the web




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