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The animal kingdom,     food chains,     cats,    dogs,    amphibians, mammals,    insects,    reptiles,    birds,    centipedes and millipedes,    fish,    plants,    invertebrates,    habitats and ecosystems,    primates,     whales dolphins and porpoises,    sponges,    aardvark,    anteaters and sloths,    arachnids,    armadillos,    badgers,    bats,    bears,    camels,    cattle,    crustaceans,    deer,    domesticated animals,    earthworms and leeches,    elephants,    giraffes,    hippopotamuses,    horses,    hyenas,    insect-eaters,    jellyfish corals and anemones,    mushrooms,    nocturnal animals,    otters,    pet care,    pigs,    plankton,    plant care,    rabbits and hares,    raccoons,     red pandas,    rhinoceroses,    rodents,    seals lions and walruses,    squids snails and shellfish,    starfish sea urchins and sea cucumbers,    weasels,    what is a living thing?


How do I start coding?,    programming languages,    scratch sprites,    scratch windows,     what is coding?,     what is the internet?,     What is Python?,    What is scratch?,    What is the wide world web?


Dinosaurs,     the first animals,     Cambrian explosion,     fossils,     prehistoric amphibians,    prehistoric fish,    prehistoric invertebrates,    prehistoric mammals,     prehistoric reptiles


Caves,     Coasts,     Continents,     crystals and gems,     deserts,     earthquakes,     glaciers,     landmarks of the world,     meteorite impacts,     mountains,     oceans and seas,     rivers, rock cycle,     rocks and minerals,     seasons,     structure of the Earth,    tectonic plates,     volcanoes,     water cycle,    weather


Adjectives,     antonyms,      nouns,     parts of the speech,     punctuation,    synonyms,     verbs


Stone age,      bronze age,      iron age,     ancient Egypt,    world war I,     world war II,     Vikings,     Aztecs,     Incas,     Mayans,     ancient Greeks,     seven wonders of the world,     castles,     kings and queens,     black death,     Celts,     Tudors,     Victorian Britain,     explorers,     ancient Rome,     Mesopotamia,     Indus valley and civilization,     Mughals,     Modern India,     ancient China, the Napoleonic wars,     the Titanic,     fashion,     Guy Fawques and the gunpowder plot,     Anglo-Saxons,     Ellis-island,     great fire of London,     Maori,     Native Americans,    Nelson Mandela and apartheid,     Normans,     Pirates,     Presidents of United States,     slave trade,    spies,    the American West,    US Civil Rights,


Body defences,    brain and nerves,    digestion,    heart and blood,     keeping healthy,     life cycle,    lungs and breathing,     muscles, the senses,     skeleton and bones,    your amazing body ,   your water works,


Adding and subtracting,     averages,     coordinates,     fractions,     geometry,     numbers,     prime numbers,     times tables,


Musical instruments,     poetry,     Shakespeare’s globe,     types of music,


Amazing inventions,      electricity,      energy,     famous scientists,     forces and motion,     heat,     light,    magnets, materials,     microscopes,      simple machines,    solids liquids and gases,     sound,


Constellations,     life in space,     moon landscapes,     observing space,     the Solar System,    the space race,     the space shuttle,     Sun and Galaxies,


American football,     athletics,      baseball,     basketball,     cricket,     cycling,     football,    golf,    gymnastic,     hockey,     horse riding,    ice hockey,    lacrosse,     skateboarding,      skiing,     snowboarding,     swimming,     tennis,


History of aircraft,     history of cars,     history of tractors,     history of trains,


Braille,     festivals and holidays,     special events,    what does a politician do?,    What is dyslexia? ,    what is a refugee?


About 80 short, fascinating and interesting videos with real facts.

Here there is a video as example: 

If you are interested, there is also a selection of some of the reference books, apps, and educational resources published by DK that you can buy. 

More than 150 quizzes to check your children acknowledgment

Many interesting facts to be discovered

It is also worth in this page their lovely and clear images. Here you have an  example:


English Today full courses with subtitles

englishtodayA completed and excellent  English language course  with subtitles in english and with  different levels: elementary, low intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced and business.

English today is an essential tool in preparing various English examinations and tests required to study and work abroad.

The standard lessons are integrated by a special lesson at the end of each DVD. This may be either a video episode with an independent storyline or a cartoon based on typical literature or cinema genres and which explores the language of various expressive forms. Each lesson also contains a workshop section with  grammar tables for specific grammar skills .

Totally recomended above all if you are learning in your own.

CD 1 English Today English Subtitle (elementary)

Verb to be –Countries & nationalities- questions for personal information – The english alphabet- Numbers- Question words –Prepositions of place- Telling the time (clock)

CD 2 English Today English Subtitle (elementary)

There is/there are- countable/uncountable  – some/any-  This/that/these/those- present simple – frequency adverbs – so/enough – 

CD 3 English Today English Subtitle (elementary)

Modal verb “can”(ability/simple requests/ asking permission)  – making suggestion “would like” – more about some/any-


CD 4 English Today English Subtitle (elementary)

present continuous – express planned future – verbs ending “ing” -have to (dutes and responsabilities) – 

CD 5 English Today English Subtitle (elementary)

have- have got -past tense to be – instructions and directions using the imperative – past time expressions (on/in/ago/) –

CD 6 English Course Today Subtitle (elementary)

past tense regular verbs- past tense irregular verbs – pronunciation of past verbs – adjectives describing countryside and cities- adjectives describing things and people- adjectives and syllables – should for advices-

CD 7 English Today English Subtitle (elementary)

Adjectives- comparative and superlatives-

CD 8 English Today English Subtitle (elementary)

Future forms “will”- future forms “going to” – question tags- subject and object questions – 

CD 9 English Today English Subtitle (lower intermediate)

Use of “auxiliary” – Permission & obligation (must/have to)- phrases for talking on the telephone (telephone language)- 

CD 10 English Today English Subtitle (lower intermediate)

will/going to  for future – past continious tense – the different uses of like – so/such

CD 11 English Today English Subtitle (lower intermediate)

modal verbs “can”/”must”/”might” as probability/possibility- used to (past habits)

CD 12 English Today English Subtitle (lower intermediate)

comparative forms – present perfect

CD 13 English Today English Subtitle (upper intermediate)

simple past vs present perfect – present perfect and present perfect continuous – gerund and infinitive – first conditional –

CD 14 English Today English Subtitle

phrasal verbs- second conditional – useful language for socialising -farewll and future contacts – goodbyes – 

CD 15 English Today English Subtitle (upper intermediate)

The causative “have” -have something done used with services- past perfect tense-

CD 16 English Today English Subtitle (upper intermidiate)

Third conditional – wish to express regrets –

CD 17 English Today English Subtitle (upper intermediate)

position of adjectives – american & british english – 

CD 18 English Today English Subtitle (advanced)

passive form- phrases for socializing: recieving good/bad news;  inviting people to be comfortable; agreeing & disagreeing; leaving people; showing sorry –

CD 19 English Today English Subtitle (advanced)

making arreangements- special question forms

CD 20 English Today English Subtitle (advanced)

expressing your opinion -construction “used to” – get used to – be used to-

CD 21 English Today English Subtitle (advanced )

expressing likes and dislikes: to be keen on/ to be fond of /can’t stand/ can’t bear / really love/ mind doing something / dislike/ not to go in for- expressing feelings and regrets: should have +past participle/ wish / if only- 

CD 22 English Today English Subtitle (advanced)

useful phrases for socializing  – expressing probability: likely/unlikely /be bound to

CD 23 English Today English Subtitle (business)

job skills – business – ask about jobs -brainstorming techniques -describing company organisation and development

CD 24 English Today English Subtitle (business)

talking about crisis at work -agreeing and disagreeing – qualifications

CD 25 English Today English Subtitle (business)

report writing, writing e-mails for communications – 

CD 26 English Today English Subtitle (business)

business transaction expressions used at international business fares -languages and techniques used in presentations –


Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals

braveThis useful blog of Claudio Azevedo from Brazil  contains a series of movie segments and activities to assess or practice grammar points through fun, challenging exercises.
Here you will find different movie segments (many of them with subtitles),  lesson plans, printable worksheets with answer key for each activity, and  tips to develop your own grammar activities. New activities are posted regularly.
 On the right of the blog you will find the different grammar points. For example:
Just in each of them you will find the video, but if you want a better quality ( in many cases) you can download it  from the link in colour blue somewhere  below the video, such as in the example: grammar segments


Teaching grammar with movie segments is inspiring and highly motivating.


Grammar resources



This is a very useful page of BBC for english and maths for adults.
BBC Skillswise is a free-to-access website for adult numeracy and literacy tutors and students, with printable worksheets and factsheets and online games, videos and quizzes that can be used in class or by students at home. It currently covers Entry 3 and Level 1 of the Skills for Life numeracy and literacy core curricula.
In its homepage you can choose among: English, maths, job skills, adult learning , tutors, about skillswise.
Of course, I recommend you to go to the English page. You can see there are 6 topics: reading, writingspelling , word grammar, sentence grammar and speaking and listening.

skillswise reading

Each topic is divided into more topics. For example:

1.- Reading: The sound of English, Recognising letters and words, Types of text, Dictionaries and indexes, skimming and scanning, fact of opinion, reading and understanding, reading for pleasure

skillwise writing


2.- Writing: handwriting, Typing, filling in a form, writing a letter, planning your writing, Format and style, building up paragraphs, editing and proofreading

skillwise spelling

3. –Spelling:Plurals, prefixes and suffixes, root words, common letters patterns, memory aids, words to watch out for

skillwise word grammar


4.-Word grammar: What are word types, Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, Pronouns, Connectives

skillwise sentence grammar


5.-Sentence and grammar: Punctuation, sentence structure, varieties of English, past, present or future tenses, instructions.


skillwise speaking and listening


6.- Speaking and listening: Types of listening, listening for specific, communication skills, formal and informal speaking, giving a presentation





There are  games, short videos around 1 minute, really useful for your classes and quizzes from the BBC to help adults improve their knowledge of parts of speech such as nouns, adjectives and the like. The games are useful for children too.

To go to this page click on each thumbnail or on the title.

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