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This is a very good page. In this site you can find some good materials for free. It is american english.
You will discover different collections of: stories, articles, poetry player , the Arizone stories, jokes… and all of them with AUDIO.
Below I leave the different links. Useful? I hope ,so!!!!
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  • What’s Outside?

  • Lonely Pa Builds

  • A Mouse in the House

    • Fun in the Mud

    • Go Fish


Dexter Robin Learns to FlyBy Jennifer Gomoll

  • Belly Flops and Gutter BallsBy JoLynne Ricker Whalen

  • A House for MouseBy Crystal Mandell

  • Squealy ScholarBy Jill Esbaum

  • Wild Ride!By Susan Kneib Schank

  • Monster MeBy Eileen Spinelli

  • An EarfulBy Dale-Marie Bryan

  • Ants Are MarchingBy Judith Farnsworth




The Magic of VentriloquismBy Shari Thompson Babcock

Making the Most of Your MomentBy Marty Kaminsky

How the Weaverbird Built His NestBy George W. Frame, Ph.D., and Lory Herbison Frame

How to Grow Your Own Money TreeBy Paul H. O?Neill


Animated Story Books and Songs

MIGHTY BOOKChildren sing songs, read stories, play games, hear jokes and solve puzzles while they learn to read and speak English.


This is a good place if you want to find some original stories, songs, games and puzzles, plus scores of classic books, poems and songs. Everything is illustrated, animated and read out loud.

In this page you can have ?a sample of them. Hundreds more are available to subscribers, with no advertising.

Probably the animated stories and books have a difficult vocabulary and expressions for foreign ?young students, being more proper for intermediate students.

On the other hand, the sing-along songs and words and letters, for example, are better for children.


Here I leave some examples about you can find:

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