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Wordhippo vocabulary


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It is really easy to use. Just key in what you are looking for and choose the appropriate category. WordHippo will spit out the results, as well as give one-click links to other data for the word. Quick, simple and worth bookmarking for future reference.

Wordhippo vocabulary is a webpage that makes it easy for you to take your vocabulary study to the next level. 

The difference with any other dictionary is that WordHippo tells you the meaning and has helpful vocabulary resources: synonyms, antonyms, word meaning (with example sentences), pronunciation, and rhyming words. Just type in a word in the top search bar of the website and select which resource you want to use. There is also a word form generator that will list all the different forms of a word, such as the plural form, the noun form, the verb form, and even different tenses for verbs.

Word Hippo is most useful for English words, but some resource sections have other languages such as French and German. These sections will have translation and conjugation resources for the foreign language. All of these word resource tools complement each other to give the website user a greater understanding of vocabulary.


You can find many other useful and different dictionaries if you click here/

But if you are looking for some more visual dictionaries for  children you will find lovely resources if you click here


Learn languages efficiently with VocApp

VocApp helps you practice the specialized vocabulary you need, wherever you are and whenever you want, using your smartphone or tablet. You choose which modules to include in your training session. The function “My Words” enables you as a registered user to add your own words and expressions. 

You can build your vocabulary and optimize it with VocApp and reach your goals much faster. You can also put it your lessons in your blog , wiki… I think that VocApp is a great help at any level.

It is an aplication that allows you: to learn and repeat vocabulary, to learn and repeat sentences, to create your own audio courses in eleven languages, to create your own audio flascards from a text or from a photo, to download the mp3 or the pdf…  It makes remember your vocabulary faster.

You only need to create a free account.


Even if  some of the packages are not free…

 there are 3 packages that are totally free: 

1.- Top 1000 english words

2.- English in one day

3.- Academic word list

Anyway, in order to show you how to use VocApp, I leave  some very short videos (no longer than 2 minutes each) :

1.-What is VocApp?

2.-How to create your own set?

3. How to create your own set? (part 2)

4. How to learn?

5. Modes of learning

6. How to create your own course faster?

7. Repetitions, new, hard and mp3

How to create flashcards from a photo

How to create flashcards from a text

Mobile Flashcards = VocApp:)

Some more tips about VocApp:

voccapp4Multisensory flashcards provide your brain with just that – multiple types of input! As a result, you easily connect new words and phrases with ones you already know.

vocapp5Thanks to its spaced repetition algorithm you remember 95% of the material with just seven revisions per year (revision intervals are based on your learning history).

voccap6The more words you know, the more freely and accurately you can express yourself. Start speaking with confidence in no time!

voccap7Study anywhere, anytime with the Android & iOS apps. Time wasted while commuting or standing in line is in the past! Your progress is synced across all your devices.

voccap8Import, type, dictate or upload a photo… and let them do the rest! They’ll add translations, images, examples and pronunciation recordings.

vocapp9The key to success is consistency. VocApp helps you establish a study routine by keeping track of your current study streak and motivating you to study every day!

12 o'clockI have created a lesson related with the clock “It’s about twelve”

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