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Loyal Books (free public audiobooks)

Discover great free books  in loyal books.

A page  with a simple interface and beautiful images. Create your own library from thousands of free audiobooks and eBooks. Read reviews from other users and stream audiobooks or download to listen offline. With featured books and top charts you’ll quickly be on your way to enjoying the best free books available.

You can download either the book or the audio or both.

Remember some details of epub format:

ePub is an open format defined by the Open eBook Forum of the International Digital Publishing Forum.

ePub format is a based on XHTML, XML and CSS.

ePub files usually have .epub extension.


After choosing your book, go at the bottom of the loyal book page and click  on one of these formats:


After choosing your book go at the bottom of the loyal page and click on  one of the audiobooks formats


Maybe you need a free ePub Readers software or application for Windows systems to read your book.

Here I leave some of them:

Azardi Desktop
STDU Viewer

Sony Reader

Adobe Digital Editions
Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF supports viewing mobi ebooks since version 2.1. Sumatra is free, open-source and supports many other formats, like PDF, mobi, XPS, DjVu, CBR, CBZ.


FBReader is a cross-platform, open-source eBook reader that can also read ePub files.

Cool Reader

Cool Reader supports ePub and a few other formats.

EPUBReader FireFox extension

EPUBReaderis a FireFox web browser extension.


Calibre is an eBook library manager with built-in eBook viewer.

MagicScroll eBook Reader for Google Chrome


Turtle Diary short stories

turtle diary

In turtle  you will find  on line-books for different ages. In sections 1,2 and 3 they have audio (you have to click on the music symbol) :

1.- – In the section of early readers kids willl learn to read with phonics .

2.– In the section learn to read kids will learn to read with morte complex decoding.

3.– In the section reading is fun it will be easyt to read stories with morals.

4.– In the section Biographies kids can read about the true storis of the lives of some famous and historical people of our world.

5.– In the section of sports kids will explore and learn about different sports.



 Click on the image you want and you will go directly



Section 1: read with phonics

In this section kids will learn to identify and read short single syllable rhyming words. Suitable for Kindergarteners who are learning how to read.

If you click play you will hear the whole story. If you clickimagen28at the top of each page, you will hear that page.

These are the books you can read:






Section 3: Reading is fun

This section carries easy to read, short stories with morals. More complex phonic decoding and abbreviations are introduced. Children are encouraged to read with expressions. Suitable for First Grade and above.

Again, you can  click play to hear the whole story orimagen28 to hear each page.

These are the books you can read:










Section 4: Biographies

Children will learn about different types of sports  This will indeed enhance their knowledge about sports.
These books have NO AUDIO
These are the books you can read:




Section 2: Learn to read

In this section, kids will learn to read with more complex phonic decoding. Double syllable words and punctuations are introduced. Suitable for Kindergarteners to further enhance their reading skills.

If you click play you will hear the whole story. If you clickimagen28at the top of each page, you will hear that page.

These are the books you can read:






Section 4: Biographies

True stories of the lives of famous and historical people who have changed and shaped our world. Kids get a close look into their lives and learn how these people were as a child; what obstacles they overcame to become successful, and their famous achievements.
These books have NO AUDIO

These are the books you can read:























Learn english through english movies with english subtitles

speechyardHere you have a GREAT and SUPERINTERESTING  page to LEARN REAL ENGLISH from movies and books. It is speechyard.

All  videos are with English subtitles. Click on unknown words and see their translation.

 I recommend you  to create a free account by signing up  with your  mail or facebook for watching a bit more. 

BUT …ATTENTION! THE BAD PIECE OF NEW is that if your account is free you will have a daily limit  for watching!

You can translate the unknown words: when you watch the video, just click on any word or select a phrase to see its translation, listen to it or add it for further learning. Everything is simple and convenient!

 Expand your vocabulary and use new words in practice. With every word, you’ll be one step closer to mastering your English!

Learn English on Speechyard


ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNING- reading and listening books/songs

TABG_logoBITS is a great and useful page created by Skip Reske. As he says, the only purpose of this site is to help students improve their listening and reading comprehension of the English language.
‘BITS English Language Learning’ is completely non-profit and contains no advertising.

Links for downloading items are not available and will not be provided.

You can find out a great “read and listen collection” that is going to help you whether you are a teacher or a student with a great variety of resources: intermediate level, advanced level, audiobooks, shorts stories and SONGS.
Once you click in your election another bunch of different stories will appear
I invite you to go through the page and discover the great range of stories. Another important thing is that, in many of them, you can choose the podcast in two listening speeds: ” faster listening speed” and ” shorter listening speed”.
Another interesting parts are:
English Idioms, Sayings & Slang

Reading Actvities and Test Preparation for the PET

Practice Using Articles’a’ – ‘an’ – ‘the’
Radio Audio Dramas Listen & Read Archive
Below you have more about this wonderfull page.

WE GIVE BOOKS – free books on line-

We Give Books is a new digital initiative that enables anyone with access to the Internet to put books in the hands of children who don’t have them, simply by reading online.

we give books




More than 200 free on line books waiting for you covering the range of ages from 0 to 10/15 or for any one that is learning english. So, it depends on the level of your children.

You have to join in here

Then, you can read every book. You must be 13 or older to join. Kids, ask your parents and teachers to sign up and read with you!

The only thing is that the books haven’t got audios

A good thing is that you can use the zoom to make the letteres and pictures bigger and bigger



We Give Books was created by the Penguin Group and the Pearson Foundation. Their hope is that We Give Books proves to be a way that young children, together with their parents or caregivers, can come to understand the power of reading and of giving
Penguin Group is one of the world’s premier global consumer trade book publishers, with key market positions in the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Canada, India, China, New Zealand and Ireland. The Penguin Group is part of Pearson plc, the international media company.
Pearson Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Pearson plc. A 501(c) (3) nonprofit operating foundation, the Pearson Foundation extends Pearson’s commitment to education by partnering with leading nonprofit, civic, and business organizations to provide financial, organizational, and publishing assistance across the globe.


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