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Dr. Jean’s finger plays, songs and great ideas for infants

Dr. Jean offers a great range of very good ideas for many differen topics
You will find: songs, finger plays , power points and many more. Among them, transition songs and rhymes for all those special moments
These are lovely ideas that will be perfect for infant education.
Here below, I will leave you videos where you can see the way she does it .
I am sure you will find many useful tricks, finger plays and much more for your young students.And, of course you will have fun just watching it.
Below the videos you will find the list of free resources from Dr. Jean’s page. Of course, there many more but you will have to pay for them .

Finger plays I

Finger plays V

Dr Jean back to school

New project 3

DR. Jean's

This is an exampe of some good ideas in order to encourage your children when thy do something well whose link you will find a bit below.

I think it is a good idea not only for young children but also for primary students

There are 32 in total that you can download for free

Finger plays II

Finger plays IV



THE EFL Playhouse

The EFL Playhouse: A Resource for ESL/EFL Teachers of Young LearnersENJOY IT!!


Here there are some fingerplays and action rhymes that help even beginning English language learners associate words and phrases with meaning.

There are 20 fingerplays lyrics useful for your children. Fingerplays that encourage them to use their body, fingers and their mouths helping pupis to remember and learn.

These are the kind of fingerplays that give children a fun experience.

There are no video or audio but include teaching estrategies, like are shown in the example below.

There areChants for Young LearnersandFingerplays and Action Rhymes

Begin with hands held in front of you.Open, shut them.(Hold hands open, palms up; close hands, making fists.)
Open, shut them.(Repeat.)
Give a little clap.(Clap.)
Open, shut them.(Hold hands open, palms up; close hands, making fists.)
Put them in your lap.(Fold hands and place them in your lap.)
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