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Cullen s Abc s DIY Online Preschool is designed for parents, teachers or caregivers that want to personally be involved in their child s preschool education.

Cullens Abcs is a page with more than 800 videos. It gives you step by sted guidance and resources for you to prepare your classes. With Cullen’s ABC you will learn lots of useful songs and activities. As you can check is a huge library of free videos where you can find really useful resources for young learners and lots and lots of good ideas.

If you consider it is useful for you, I am really sure you will spend hours watching videos , learning and having new ideas


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free english exercises


Eight lovely and very useful pages with lots of nursery rhymes ordered in an alphabet way.
Really handy if you want to use them in your classes to teach songs to your pupils.
Many of the songs are in videos, but you can find also some only in audio or in Lyrics.
So you can watch, listen, read and sing along


  1. The alphabet song
  2. The ABC fruity band
  3. A bear named Sue
  4. Abracadabra
  5. Amazing superheroes
  6. An old lady who …
  7. Animal house
  8. Bean Bag Hello
  9. Brush Bus
  10. Chocolate cake
  11. Dean and Pearl
  12. Don’t put your trousers on your head
  13. Everything beneath…
  14. Flying from the sun to the stars
  15. Grand Old Duke
  16. Happy New Year
  17. Hickory dickory dock
  18. How much is that doggie in the window
  19. I can run
  20. I can sing a rainbow



  1. If you’re happy and and you know it
  2. In my plane
  3. Incy Wincy spider
  4. It’s up to me and you!
  5. Jungles of Brazil
  6. Keep safe, stay alive
  7. My computer mouse
  8. Old MacDonald
  9. Old scruffy teddy
  10. Over the mountains
  11. Playing in the playground
  12. Quiet please
  13. Ramadan chant
  14. Record breakers
  15. Santa, Santa, high in the sky
  16. She’ll be coming round the mountains
  17. Stop! Look! Listen! ..
  18. Ten little aeroplanes
  19. Ten shiny coins
  20. The ballad of Lisa the lemur
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