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The english alley to learn english

english alley homeThe English Alley is a 100 % free website with one goal: to help improve your English vocabulary

How does it work?

Here you can find plenty of  lovely drawings that show the different vocabulary terms. Everything is organized in themes (house, park, school…) Here, they are in alphabetical order

When you put the cursor over the drawings you will hear the pronunciation of the words, and if you click on many of them it will give you access to a new vocabulary page.


Vocabulary didapages

Hdidapages1ere you have a  15 interactive vocabulary  book collection for learners.
Some of the wordings are in french but it  will not be difficult for you to know what to do.
I hope, as usual, it will be useful for you.
The vocabulary  of these 15 books are displayed in the following list (you can click on each one to open them) : 

Voc 1 : Colours and numbers

Voc 2 : Body

Voc 3 : Clothes

Voc 5 : Food and drink

Voc 6 : At school

Voc 7 : Animals

Voc 8 : Weather and Seasons

Voc 9 : Days and Months

Voc 10 : Activities

Voc 11 : Jobs

Voc 12 : Sports

Voc 13 : Travels and Landscapes

Extra 1: Location

Extra 2: Frequency

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