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Great site for reading:CommonLit

Great site for reading:

In the next video you can learn about CommonLit: how to make an account, sync student accounts, search the library, assign a text, and grade. BONUS: get a quick view of student features like Guided Reading Mode and the toolbar.

Everything you need to know about CommonLit in less than 10 minutes

Webinar: Getting Started with CommonLit Digital

Here there is a great site for reading to help your students: CommonLit that is a completely free literacy resource design for 3rd – 12th grade classrooms.  The resource is accessible on any internet-enabled device , questions, and tools for helping students improve their ELA skills.  Overall, CommonLit offers a wealth of possibilities for the classroom. 

It offers a growing collection of literacy resources include nonfiction documents, historical texts, poems, news articles,   and all of them  have some assessment tools and are aligned to CCSS.

This website is very helpful for educators looking to select texts for lesson plans. The site allows you to choose appropriate texts for your students. So that, you can choose:  a theme, discussion question, and grade level-band. CommonLit also includes text-dependent and discussion questions, vocabulary definitions, paired texts, and teacher guides.

The library  contains over 1100 readings, and it is continuosly expanding.  You can filter your search by grade level, theme, genre, related books, device (e.g. hyperbole, irony, etc.), and standard.  Additionally, each reading is characterized by type (e.g. alliteration, assonance etc.)

As a teacher,if you sign in you can have your own dashboard where you can see all the assignments your student’s progress (organized by class),  and you can also add a new assignment to send out to your students.

In addition, you can download the pdf and your students can read at the same time they can listen to the audio.

One more interesting thing is the dictionary . Just only you or your student select the word from the text with the mouse. Then, click the button with the open book icon to look the word up.

With CommonLit the students can also highlight, and translate features.  All of these are great for helping students with different needs.


Oxford Owl e-books

oxford owl 2

Oxford owl library

It is an exciting and free website built to help you with your children’s reading. This is an excellent resource packed with free ebooks for  ages from 3 to 11 (depending if it is a second language or not)  and with audio.

Oxford Owl is an award-winning free website with 250 FREE tablet-friendly eBooks and activities to help you support children’s learning. 

ATTENTION¡¡¡ You need to join it but it’s free.

Once you have been registered you can read and hear all over the 250 free stories. Of course, there are many more that are not for free.  Among them you will find the adventures of our lovely and amazing ” Winnie the Witch ” and some  unforgetable other series

There are stories  for children from 3 to 11 years. Anyway you have to take into account that those ranges of age are for native speakers . This means that if you are studying english or you are a teacher of infant, primary, secondary school or Bach you can have a great help here. Here you have got an example of some pages

winnie the witch

Sherlock holmesOnce you have been registered and chosen the book….just click on the “e” and ….ENJOY!!!!!!




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