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A great site to improve your students listening abilities. As you see, this web page offers 2,369 Free English Lessons in 7 different levels.

In each lesson you will find out the next sections:

You can choose among:


Listening Comprehensions Online

Todd Beuckens offers us these interesting pages that I consider  really useful, above all, if you have digital resources in your class.

A different and motivating way  for teaching and learning

Todd Beuckens is an English teacher based in Japan. Each week he publishes two new listening lessons that students and teachers can use freely to make learning English fun, natural, and meaningful.

More than 1,000 audios of about 2-3 minutes with different levels. You can download the audio and  see the transcriptions.

In each  lesson you have not only the audio and the script, but also vocabulary to learn from the lesson and quizzes. Apart from that, many of them have a vocabulary challenge game.

The examples below are for level 3. At the bottom of this article you have the links to go to any of the listenings

1346 City Down Under 1346 City Down Under
Shirley talks about Melbourne, Australia.
1345 The Weekend 1345 The Weekend
Shirley talks about her weekend.
1336 Do you play music? 1336 Do you play music?
Josh talks about the kinds of music he likes.
1335 Tacoma is Home 1335 Tacoma is Home
Josh talks about his hometown of Tacoma.
1316 Soups and Salads 1316 Soups and SaladsShirley talks with Josh about her favorite restaurant .  
1315 Know a good place? 1315 Know a good place?Shirley asks Josh for some ideas about where to eat.  
1314 The Big Five 1314 The Big Five
Michael talks about the five popular wild animals.
1313 Zoologist 1313 Zoologist
Michael talks about his mother’s job working with animals.
1247 Work from Abroad 1268 Sleep Time
Daniel and Hana talk about sleep and naps.
1247 Work from Abroad 1267 Dreams
Daniel and Hana talk about having dreams.
1247 Work from Abroad 1258 Greek Holiday
Hana talks to Daniel about her holiday
1247 Work from Abroad 1257 Traveling to Taiwan
Hana talks about a trip she took to Taiwan.
1019 Hawaii 1019 Hawaii
Ron talks about what makes Hawaii so special and give info about the wildlife.
1010 Mongolian Vacation 1010 Mongolian Vacation
Heidi talks about things tourists should do in Mongolia.
1009 School in Mongolia 1009 School in Mongolia
Heidi talks about what school is like in Mongolia.
940 Ron Food 940 Ron’s Favorite Foods
Mari talks about foods that she really loves to eat.
939 Mari Food 939 Mari’s Favorite Foods
Mari talks about foods that she really loves to eat.
931 Naomi Middle School 931 Middle School
Naomi talks about her daily life in middle school.
928 Naomi Middle School 928 Free Time
Naomi, a middle school student from Wales, talks about her free time activities.

list compre 5In these  listening comprehension  game activities, students must click on the correct picture to advance.

During the audio, the listener will see a selection of pictures and must choose the correct one. These activities are good for all students   because they require little reading.

Here there are some of them

#01 Flags
View Flash
#03 Adventure Race
View Flash
#04 Materials
View Flash
#05 Hair Style
View Flash
#06 The Holidays 
View Flash
#07 The Car Dude 
View Flash
#08 Fruit
View Flash
#09 Daily Diet
View Flash
#11 The Phone Call 
View Flash
#12 The Directions 
View Flash
#13 Job Center 
View Flash
#14 The Sandwich 
View Flash
#15 Guess the Guy 
View Flash
#16 Guess the Girl 
View Flash
#17 Christmas Part 1 
View Flash |
#18 Christmas Part 2 
View Flash |
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