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 A  wonderful  page with great photos, videos and information about  our world that you can download (under certain conditions) in order to teach our children to help our planet and respect the life.

All the visitors to this website are entitled to:

– download and retain copies of the Material on their personal systems in digital form in low resolution for their own personal use;

– teachers, lecturers and students may incorporate the Material in their educational material (including, but not limited to, their lesson plans, presentations, worksheets and projects) in hard copy and digital format for use within a registered educational establishment, provided that the integrity of the Material is maintained and that copyright ownership and authorship is appropriately acknowledged by the End User.

The page is divided in several categories that I explain below


When you click on an animal you will see 2 icons on your right :

icon fotoFor images or photos

icon videofor videos that you can download, always under conditions

arkive species


Life on Earth is astonishingly diverse, with the total number of living species estimated somewhere between a staggering 5 and 30 million. With the rate of species extinction in excess of 1,000 times the ‘natural’ rate, conservation efforts for the world’s mammals, birds, amphibians,reptiles, fish, invertebrates, fungi, plants and algae, as well as numerous other organisms, have never been more vital.


Road sign to  education and future

Bring the wild to your classroom with ARKive Education! Their  FREE education resources for 5-18 year olds can be used to teach a range of curriculum subjects including science, geography, English and art. Packed full of links to our amazing wildlife photos, videos and fact files, each education resource includes classroom presentations, activities and teachers’ notes.

Resources: 5-7 years old; Resources: 7-11 years old; Resources:11-14 years oldResources:14-16 years oldResourcea:16-18 years old


clipart from Arthur’s

Arthurs offers free clipart, images, illustrations of everything in the world in large image format which is suitable for presentations, projects and school usage etc.

The author comments that you are free to use them for private or educational use(It is very important to remember that this site is NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES).

As the author explains in his page:The final purpose of this site is to establish a huge clipart resource for private and educational purposes especially for those people, teachers and learners who can not afford to purchase books for their education, especially for the rural people of South Africa and the rest of the world”

How to manage inside this web page

It is very easy!!
Below you have the clip art menu.
1) Click on the ?item selected . It will leave you to the page where you will find an explanation about the chosen topic
2) Look for the place that indicates : “GO TO THE CLIPART” or “colour clipart” or B & W clipart” and click on it.
3?) It will display a great collection of pictures related with your election that you can download with not commercial purposes.


Accidents Africa African Americans
. Agriculture Amphibians Animal Tracks
. Animals A to Z Animals (Domestic) Animal Homes
. Animal Tracks Animals (Wild) Antelope and Deer
. Animated Gifs Architecture Around the World
. Astronomy Australasia


Background Tiles Bats Bibliography
. Bears Biology (Animal) Biology (Plant)
. Birds- All types . .
. Birds?- Forest, Field, Song, House Birds – Crows, Rooks, Magpies Birds – Ducks, Geese, & Swans
. Birds -Flamingos, Spoonbills Birds – Flightless Birds – Game
. Birds – Odd and Ends Birds – Owls Birds – Raptors
. Birds – Water Bridges Buildings


Car Mechanics ?Cats Cave Man
. Celebrations Children (All Types) Children (Boys)
. Children (Girls) Children (Girls and Boys) Children (Miscellaneous1)
. Children (Tiny Tots) Christmas Circus
. Clothing Coloring Books Comics
. Crocodiles and Alligators . .


Dams Dancing Death
. Dinosaurs Disney Dogs




Ecology Elephants Egypt
. Engineering England (U. K.) English History
. England Kings and Queens Europe


Fairy and Fantacy Famous People Famous Works of Art
. Far East Fashion
. Flowers Food Fresh Water Fish
. From the Past Frogs Fruit
Fungus Furniture .


Giraffe Golf Great Britain


Greece Hippos History
. Hobbies and Pastimes Homes Horses
Human Body


Industry Insects Invertebrates


Just for Kids (More to Color) . .


Leopards Lines Lions


Lizards Machines Mammals
. Maps old and Ancient .Masks .
Mechanics (Car) Medical Minerals
. Monkeys Monsters Music


Nature Nomenclature .


Occupations . .
. Pets People Physics
. Plants . .


Poultry Prehistoric Man Prehistoric Life


Rabbits Hares and Pikas .


. Recreation Religion
. Rhinos Rodents Roman


Sailing Ships Science Science & Technology
. Scouts Sea Creatures Sea Crustaceans
. Sea Fish ?Sea Mammals Sea Sharks
. Sea Shells Seven Wonders of the Old World Silhouettes
. Skeletons Snakes South Africa
. Space Spiders Sport Baseball
. Sport Basketball Sport Biking Sport Bowls
. Sport Cricket Sport Football Sport Gymnasium
. Sport Hockey Sport Horse .
. Sport Miscellaneous Sport One on One Sport Rugby
. Sport Running Sport Soccer Sport Tennis
. Sport Track and Field Sport Water Sport Winter
. Stories . .


Teddy Bears Tigers Transport (All Types)
. Transport Air Transport Land Transport Sea (Water)
. . Tools Tourism
.. Toys Trees Turtles & Tortoises


United Kingdom U S A .


Vegetables Vertebrates .


Wealth Weapons Wild Cats
. Wild Dogs Wild Horses Wild Pigs
Witches World Flags Xmas
. Ye Olde English Inns Zimbabwe Zoology

Learn ITC Picture Gallery


This superb gallery has a range of images for you to use in school projects. The pictures are arranged under topics such as artists, celebrations, World War II, religious artefacts, seasons, food, pirates.
Each gallery has a bar search called “view” there you can choose different options.
Each gallery runs as a slide show, but you can select any of the thumbnail images to stop the slideshow. To save the large image onto your computer, click the right mouse button over it and select “Save Picture As…” from the menu. You can also drag the image directly into an open folder window.
The links below are from Learn ITC Picture Gallery

National Education Network Gallery

PhotoLibrary Wales

Offwell Woodland & Wildlife Trust Image Gallery

NASA Education Image Galleries

Dorling Kindersley Clip Art Library

Arkive – Images of Life on Earth


Art Image Bank


Great copyright free images from Worcestershire LEA.

Near 4,000 items for you to choose: insects, trees, food, art, , history, geography…..

If you are looking for photos , images so, it’s wotrhwhile to have a look.The photos would be useful teaching aids on an interactive whiteboard or power point.

The main categories include:

Arts: atists, landscapes, sculpture, gardens, faces, shapes, texture, colour, doors….

Design and tecnhology: Construction, railways, costumes, crafts, musical instruments….

Geography: Human geography, phisical, transport, the world….

?History: World war, roman empire, Tapestry, buildings….

Mathematics: doors, windows, roofs, bridges…..

Sciences: leaves, trees, insects, fruit, sea shells, flowers…



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