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reading comprehension on line

Reading comprehension on line to improve your english and to teach. In you will find out very interesting reading comprehension with activities on line apart from many other resources based in different school subjetcs. This webpage includes many  with games also  as it is shown below.

The reading comprehensions are organised in 5 different grades: 

Grades 1 and 2

Grades 3 and up

Grades  4 and up 

Grades 5+

What it’s very interesting indeed is that   in grades 1 and 2 you also have the audio.

Of course, you have also questions on line related with the reading.


Learning english with audio books

Learning english with audiobooks

Learning english with audio books is a great technique to improve and learn english.

Lit2go is a great destination for audio and video learning. It contains over 50.000 educational audio books, podcast and videos. You have more than 160 titles.

How does this page work?

As an example I have chosen Oliver Twist

1.Choose your title from the collection and click on it.

4. And… here you are!


2. Go to: ” get this free title from”



3. As many books are divided in chapter, choose yours

There many more things apart  for literature as it is shown.


Learn english through english movies with english subtitles

speechyardHere you have a GREAT and SUPERINTERESTING  page to LEARN REAL ENGLISH from movies and books. It is speechyard.

All  videos are with English subtitles. Click on unknown words and see their translation.

 I recommend you  to create a free account by signing up  with your  mail or facebook for watching a bit more. 

BUT …ATTENTION! THE BAD PIECE OF NEW is that if your account is free you will have a daily limit  for watching!

You can translate the unknown words: when you watch the video, just click on any word or select a phrase to see its translation, listen to it or add it for further learning. Everything is simple and convenient!

 Expand your vocabulary and use new words in practice. With every word, you’ll be one step closer to mastering your English!

Learn English on Speechyard

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