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Listening and reading news in level

Listening and reading  news in level is a good way to help your students to improve their english. It is a great page with more than 2,000 world news .

Listening and reading news in level allow your students  to improve their English naturally and fast. All the articles are short and  use words which are used in English often. Each article is written in 3 levelsLevel 1 has the 1000 most important words. Level 2 has the 2000 most important words. Level 3 has the 3000 most important words.

If your students could  read and listen to two articles every day, their  reading and listening skills can improve fast.

Listening and reading news in level is a free  site  both for students and teachers. It  is also a great resource for English teachers who would like to discuss current world issues in the class.

But.. there are more things apart from reading and listening with news in level:

You have also people in levels  where you can meet the stories of people learning English.

Listening and reading english having fun with jokes in levels.


An audio book written for level 2 and 3

Learning english with songs is also a good way to teach english.


learn english with interactive songs

ingles div2

Another wonderful page to learn english through songs in an interactive and funny way.

More than 400 singers and hundreds of video songs.

It is mainly organise in songs (= canciones) and singers(= cantantes). The one in the example is the so called group: one direction with the song: “what makes you beautiful”

Below, I explain the interesting tools that you can find there and how to use them:

ingles div14






You can choose the songs (=canciones) for the singers (=cantantes) from the banner at the top with 3 different levels: hard, medium and easy.

To go to the chosen song click on the image of the video, not on the title of the song

You have the lyrics below the video as well as the follow tools:

ingles div3


As you see it is very simple to use it and probably very useful not only for teachers in but also for yourself .

As you see it is very simple to be used and probably very useful not only for teachers in but also for yourself  to improve your  english

ingles div4

button to stop and play

ingles div5

when you click this button you will have the whole traslation in spanish

ingles div6

dictionary to translate any word into spanish

ingles div7

to insert lines

ingles div8for Karaoke version

ingles div9in order to see the words as a ” rain of words”

ingles div13to see the lyrics line by line directly below the video screen

ingles div10number of gaps you can have by clicking this button

ingles div11this is the tool for another 5 more funtions like:hide lyrics with XXXXXX,hide lyrics or lyrics

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