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Learning english with audio books

Learning english with audiobooks

Learning english with audio books is a great technique to improve and learn english.

Lit2go is a great destination for audio and video learning. It contains over 50.000 educational audio books, podcast and videos. You have more than 160 titles.

How does this page work?

As an example I have chosen Oliver Twist

1.Choose your title from the collection and click on it.

4. And… here you are!


2. Go to: ” get this free title from”



3. As many books are divided in chapter, choose yours

There many more things apart  for literature as it is shown.


 Really useful to learn english.   “ is a platform for lifelong learning, growing with you every step of the way. As you improve, the words that you learn will become more and more advanced. And, with our easy-to-use progress-monitoring tools, you can always look back to see how far you’ve come.”

It’s a great tool either to learn and improve your vocabulary or, as a teacher, to help your students. Find: grammar, vocabulary, antonymes, synonymes….

¡It’s  more than a simple dictionary!

 (click on each tab !)

 You can  play 

 You can  even to prepare your own lists for learning and teaching

 You can  look a word up

A great thesaurus with grammar tips and a good word for each day

        A complete list of synonymes and antonymes


Once you have your word with the different synonymes. You can even look it up depending on its complexity or lenght, like in the examples below:


But also, you can discover what words are the most common or informal ones by clicking that option like in the examples:

Go and investigate all the things you can do. You can join in for free but you have also a pro account for more things.


Grammar Genius

Great videos to teach grammar through 1 minute funny sketches.

There are 3 different levels: A, B and C as shown below.


Unit 1 Subject Pronouns (present simple of to be)

Unit 2 (Articles , plural nouns )

Unit 3 ( There is , There are )

Unit 4 (Demonstratives)

Unit 5 (Imperative let's, object pronouns)

Unit 6 ( Possesive 's )

Unit 7 ( Have got )

Unit 8 ( Can , Must )

Lesson 9 (Countable nouns)

Unit 10 ( Quantifiers )

Unit 11 ( Present Simple )

Unit 12 (Adverbs of frequency)

Unit 13 ( Present Continuous)

Unit 14 ( Present Simple and Continuous)

Unit 15 (Comparison of Adjectives)

Unit 16 ( Adverbs of Manner )

Unit 18 (Past simple of to Be )

Unit 19 (Past simple of regular verbs )

Unit 20 (Past simple of Irregular Verbs )

Unit 21 ( The future )

Unit 22 (Questions)

















Unit 1 (Present Simple Present Continuous Stative Verbs )

Unit 2 (Past Simple )

Unit 3 (Used to )

Unit 4 (Past Continuous )

Unit 5 ( Present Perfect )

Unit 6 (Present Perfect 2 )

Unit 7 ( Past Simple / Present perfect )

Unit 8 (Past Perfect )

Unit 9 (Past and Perfect tenses)

Unit 10 (The future )

Unit 11 ( Adjectives . adverbs of Manner )

Unit 12 ( Nouns , Articles )

Unit 13 (Determiners , quantifiers)

Unit 14 (Both , either , neither, one)

Unit 15 (Modal Verbs 1)

Unit 16 (Modal Verbs 2 )

Unit 17

Unit 18 (Gerunds and Infinitives )

Unit 19 (Conditionals )

Unit 20 ( Relative clauses)

Unit 21 (The passive )

Unit 22 (Prepositions)

Unit 23 (Reflexive pronouns )

Unit 24 (Ouestions)

Unit 25 (question tags ,short agreements)


Unit 1(Present simple Present Continuous / stative verbs )

Unit 2 (Past Simple , past Continuous, used to )

Unit 3 ( Present perfect Simple , Present perfect continuous)

Unit 4 (Past Perfect Simple , past Perfect Continuous )

Unit 5 ( The future)

Unit 6 ( Adjectives , adverbs )

Unit 7 (Nouns, quantifiers,articles )

Unit 8 (Reflexive and Infinitive pronouns)

Unit 9 (Modal Verbs 1)

Unit 10 (Modal verbs2)

Unit 11 (Gerunds and Infinitives)

Unit 12 ( Had Better , would rather )

Unit 13 (Conditionals )

Unit 14 (Wishes )

Unit 15 (Reported speech 1)

Unit 16 (Reported speech 2 )

Unit 17 ( Relative clauses)

Unit 18 (The passive )

Unit 19 (Causative Form )

Unit 20 ( Question tags ,short agreements)

Unit 21 ( sentence linking )











Here you halearn english with Joeve a very interesting collection of  many short videos of about 3 minutes each explaining in a funny way  interesting  and different  things related with english . They are good listening materials for students where you can find, for example: common jokes at weddings, names for a guy you hate, expressions when you are angry, internet acronyms…and many more.

You can also download the book they have written : learn-english-with-funny-conversations



detail englishThis page was much better before because there were lots of materials you could download but now it is not the same . Even if the links are still there , they don’t work. I suppose something related with copyrights.

Anyway, you have really  interesting  video lessons for all levels: basic, medium and high as you can see below.

At the bottonm of the page, specially for children you have the well known series: magic english, the triplets and sesame street 

  LEARN ENGLISH IDIOMSdetail englisl12

These 2 minutes  short and funny videos are excellent to explain idioms and learn english at the same time.

For medium and high level There are more than 60 popular english idioms , ex: against the clock, made my day, as cool as a cucumber, born with a silver spoon…and many more short and amusing ones.

 POD ENGLISHdetail english5

 A good well done collection of 80 videos of about 5 minutes each to learn english. Each lesson is divided into 3 sections: Watch, learn and try with study points at the beginning and review points at the end. For begginers and medium levels

Study points to present the key points to learn in the lesson. In the watch lesson you will watch a short movie. The learn section  to learn new vocabulary and grammar. The try section to practice. Review points to check and have a complete review.

It’s another good choice!!!

MR DUNCANdetail english4

Have you ever heard about Mr Duncan?  Here he is  with 50 fantastic lessons  of about 6/ 7 minutes . These videos with great  special effects are really fantastic.

They have also subtitles which is interesting. Medium level

 CONFUSED WORDSdetail english8

20 videos of about 5 minutes each  to explain clearly some  confused words like: advice/advise – Although/even though – bored/boring – during/while – here/hear – say/tell – see/look/watch – speak/talk/say/tell – so/such – to/too/two – They’re/there/their – who’s/whose – want/would like – you’re/your – bring/take – befor/ago – live/live – by/buy/bi/bye

 EFU VIDEOSdetail english3

EFU videos has 30 basic lessons with 5-6 or 7 parts each lesson. For elementary levels.

They are not the funniest videos but depending on yourself, you can find them interesting or not.

 LEARN ENGLISH VIDEOSdetail english9

 Another  good  collection of  more than 80 videos of about 5 /7 minutes each to learn english. Divided into 5 units: Routines, permission, shopping, directions, talking about the past . Plus 2 more: some new units and english converssation. Each unit is divided into 13 parts. with a good  video quality they are short conversations about different aspects and videos with time to review, practise and more. For starting/medium levels. Good ones.

 ENGLISH BETA CLIPSdetail english10

 A collection of 12 dialogues presented like comics and 22 units showing daily situations in conversations with review points at the end. Quite interesting for beginners or medium levels

  FUNNY ENGLISH VIDEOSdetail english7

7  short and hilarious  videos just for fun. I specilly like the 2 first ones. 

detail english6 REAL ENGLISH
And what about this good collection of “real english” videos? They are real interviews  related with different apects of english.

From number 1 to 9 They are appropiate for begginers. From 10 to 47 for medium level. From 48 to 83 for higher levels.

After the short interview, there is a part with closed captions for better comprehension. In total about 4/5 minutes.. Here the relation of topics:

1 Hi ! 2 Where are you from ? 3 alphabet
4 favourite color 5 nationality 6 introductions
7 zodiac 8 how old are you 9 what time is it ?
8d dates 10 Jones family 11 are you married ?
13a Americans 14a British 12 the weather
13b Americans 14b British 15 what can you do
16a French 17 Italians 18 Germans
19 directions 20 going to a place 21 introduction to do
22 continental airlines 23a what have you got ? 24a what do you do ?
25 Scottish and English 23b what have you got ? 24b what’s your job ?
26 time and frequency 27a Do for fun 27b Do for fun
28 music and movies 29 like to do 30 like to do
31 how long does it take 32a where do you live ? 32b where do you live ?
34 introduction to doing 35 what are tey doing ? 36 american dream
37 what are you doing ? 38 are you wearing ? 39 comparatives – superl.
40 going to 42 was were 43 did marty
44 on Saturday night 46 did yesterday 47 used to do
48 present perfect 49 Sophia sings 50 maira and roberta
51 have done – did 52 present perfect 53 the messenger
54 coincidence 55 women 57 present perfect
59 second conditional 60 homeless in florida 61 christina and karen
66 dorothy 68 the best year 69a topical clip
69b achieve 76 homeless in florida 77 one way love
78 love gets me every. 86 colonel Roberts 80 second language
81a second language 82a second language 80b second language
81b second language 82b second language 83 second language

THE TRIPLETSdetail english2

MAGIC ENGLISHdetail english12

ATTENTION !Not all of them work because of the copyright.

SESAME STREETdetail english13

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