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A great site to improve your students listening abilities. As you see, this web page offers 2,369 Free English Lessons in 7 different levels.

In each lesson you will find out the next sections:

You can choose among:


Online reading and listening lessons

English listening rocks  is a web page where you can find free online english listening lessons with 6 different levels. In each level you have different lessons with the listening file and the script.

They are lovely short stories to help students learn and improve english listening and reading skills

ESL teaching materials to help language students learn and improve english listening and reading skills

These listenings are for the high beginner level. The stories are focus on the 560 words in the english language.

These materials help intermediate students and are focus on the most common 1,120 words in the english language.

These stories are focus on 1686 words.

These stories require a good degree of listening and reading fluency. The vocabulary range includes the most common 2,248 words in english language

This level has words in the list of 2,800 most frequently used words.



Here you halearn english with Joeve a very interesting collection of  many short videos of about 3 minutes each explaining in a funny way  interesting  and different  things related with english . They are good listening materials for students where you can find, for example: common jokes at weddings, names for a guy you hate, expressions when you are angry, internet acronyms…and many more.

You can also download the book they have written : learn-english-with-funny-conversations


learn english with interactive songs

ingles div2

Another wonderful page to learn english through songs in an interactive and funny way.

More than 400 singers and hundreds of video songs.

It is mainly organise in songs (= canciones) and singers(= cantantes). The one in the example is the so called group: one direction with the song: “what makes you beautiful”

Below, I explain the interesting tools that you can find there and how to use them:

ingles div14






You can choose the songs (=canciones) for the singers (=cantantes) from the banner at the top with 3 different levels: hard, medium and easy.

To go to the chosen song click on the image of the video, not on the title of the song

You have the lyrics below the video as well as the follow tools:

ingles div3


As you see it is very simple to use it and probably very useful not only for teachers in but also for yourself .

As you see it is very simple to be used and probably very useful not only for teachers in but also for yourself  to improve your  english

ingles div4

button to stop and play

ingles div5

when you click this button you will have the whole traslation in spanish

ingles div6

dictionary to translate any word into spanish

ingles div7

to insert lines

ingles div8for Karaoke version

ingles div9in order to see the words as a ” rain of words”

ingles div13to see the lyrics line by line directly below the video screen

ingles div10number of gaps you can have by clicking this button

ingles div11this is the tool for another 5 more funtions like:hide lyrics with XXXXXX,hide lyrics or lyrics


The Faculties (listenings for ESO and Bach)

University Lectures for Secondary Schools

A very interesting page if you are a teacher of Secondary or Bach. You will find lots of videos -you can download the podcast- Over 360 free Maths, English, History, Psychology, Chemistry and Biology downloadable video lectures which can support your students. I strongly recommend you to have a look.

The Chemistry Faculty

The Maths Faculty

The History Faculty

?The Biology Faculty

The Psychology Faculty

Whether you’re an A-level student, teacher or you’re just interested in the provides you with free, short films of university lecturers speaking on topics taken from the A-level curriculum.

The English Faculty provides free, short films of university lecturers speaking on topics directly from the A-level curriculum. The site also helps students choose a university English department that’s right for them and shows them what careers may follow their studies and what employers particularly value in English graduates.

The site has three levelsA-levelsUniversitiesCareers
These can be accessed from the navigation bar under the top banner.

The “Home” or “A-levels” pagescontain the video lectures. Each individual video podcast is accompanied by related resources and a discussion forum which allows teachers and pupils across the UK to discuss the podcast content. All discussions are moderated.

To find the podcast relevant to what you learn/teach you can browse the podcasts page to page, or click the?“Find a Podcast”button. This will open a list of titles by category. Each title is a link to the podcast itself.

The “Universities” pagehas videos offering advice for prospective English undergraduates on making the transition from sixth form to university. Information on individual English departments in the UK can be found by clicking on the universities listed in the navigation bar on the right of the page.

The “Careers” pageprovides general careers advice for English graduates in the videos on the main part of the page. Information on leading UK employers of English graduates can be found by clicking on the names of companies listed in the navigation bar on the right of the page.

Click on the subject banner above to be linked directly to the home page for your chosen subject

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