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Short stories

turtle diary home  This is a great page with lots of different teachers resources.

Related to reading and ebooks there is a good  variety of reading levels, which allows for the differentiation of instruction and the adaptability of different texts to different readers. 

Many of them have audio. If you click  on the music note symbol that appears at the top  you will listen to the whole reading. If you click on each word you will listen to that word.



In this section, kids will learn to read with more complex phonic decoding. Double syllable words and punctuations are introduced. Suitable for Kindergarteners to further enhance their reading skills.

turtle diary kit in the pit

turtle diary My pet

turtle diary the cat and the rat

turtle diary thye man and the can


In this section, kids will learn to read with phonics. Kids will learn to identify and read short single syllable rhyming words. Suitable for Kindergarteners who are learning how to read.

turtle diary boat in the moat

turtle diary broom and the room

turtle diary lia is sweet

turtle diary millup the hill

turtle diary out to llot

turtle diary sack on the yak

turtle diary swim in the pool

turtle diary the cake

turtle diary the circus monkey

turtle diary the clock

turtle diary the geese in the deep

turtle diary the king and the ring

turtle diary the rose

turtle diary the well



This section carries easy to read, short stories with morals. More complex phonic decoding and abbreviations are introduced. Children are encouraged to read with expressions. Suitable for First Grade and above.

turtle diary little fish

turtle diary sweets

turtle diary the curious monkey

trutle diary the doves

turtle diary the frogs

turtle diary the little birds

turtle diary the peacock

turtle diary the talking cave

turtle diary the thirsty crow



Read about the true stories of the lives of famous and historical people who have changed and shaped our world. Kids get a close look into their lives and learn how these people were as a child; what obstacles they overcame to become successful, and their famous achievements.

ATTENTION! Here there is no audio for the whole reading but you can find  some highlight words that show you the pronuntiation and the definition

turtle diary einstein

turtle diary graham bell

turtle diary newton

turtle diary edison

turtle diary wright brothers

turtle diary columbus

turtle diary astronaut

turtle diary Marco polo

turtle diary amstrong

turtle diary vasco de gama

turtle diary tolstoy

turtle diary mark twain

turtle diary kipling

turtle diary da vinci

turtle diary tolstoy

turtle diary mark twain

turtle diary picasso

turtle diary gandhi

turtle diary luther king

turtle diary mother theresa

turtle diary mandela




toon books readers




toon books languages

There are 11 free titles in total. Click on the images to go directly.

Explendid and  entirely FREE resource that allows children to read select TOON Books online…and in multiple languages!  Children can listen to the entire text using “Read To Me” or by activating the audio prompts on individual balloons when they need a little extra help.  TOON Readers were developed in cooperation with Professor Garfield, a non-profit educational collaboration between Garfield the Cat and Ball State University.

toon books readers silly lilly

Toon books Jack and the box

Toon books little mouse gets ready

toon books stinky

toon books Luke on the loose

toon books Beny and penny

toon books otto's orange day

toon books Benny and penny and the big no-no

Toon books Mo and jo fighting together forever

toon books zig and wikki

toon books benny and penny and the toy breaker



WE GIVE BOOKS – free books on line-

We Give Books is a new digital initiative that enables anyone with access to the Internet to put books in the hands of children who don’t have them, simply by reading online.

we give books




More than 200 free on line books waiting for you covering the range of ages from 0 to 10/15 or for any one that is learning english. So, it depends on the level of your children.

You have to join in here

Then, you can read every book. You must be 13 or older to join. Kids, ask your parents and teachers to sign up and read with you!

The only thing is that the books haven’t got audios

A good thing is that you can use the zoom to make the letteres and pictures bigger and bigger



We Give Books was created by the Penguin Group and the Pearson Foundation. Their hope is that We Give Books proves to be a way that young children, together with their parents or caregivers, can come to understand the power of reading and of giving
Penguin Group is one of the world’s premier global consumer trade book publishers, with key market positions in the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Canada, India, China, New Zealand and Ireland. The Penguin Group is part of Pearson plc, the international media company.
Pearson Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Pearson plc. A 501(c) (3) nonprofit operating foundation, the Pearson Foundation extends Pearson’s commitment to education by partnering with leading nonprofit, civic, and business organizations to provide financial, organizational, and publishing assistance across the globe.



Pearson free ebooks


Here you will find 30 free reading ebooks arranged in order of reading difficulty. Some things to take into account are: 
1.- The nice and exciting pictures and  the extra activities (not for all of the titles) .
2.- Many books have also audio, above all, till year 4.
3.- You can use them in the whiteboard because all of them have a pencil  to circle or underline words or structures and, of course,  a rubber.
Below I leave more indications about each level .


(Click on the titles below if you want to go directly to each one)


(Click on the titles below if you want to go directly to each one)


(Click on the titles below if you want to go directly to each one)


(Click on the titles below if you want to go directly to each one)

My online reading

my online readng 1My online reading provides free colourful online books to help everyone, specially kids to develop reading skills. The content, grammar and vocabulary of the stories is suited to children with a reading age of 8 to 12 years, depending of the level of each one. Either you or children can choose among creatures, disasters, discoveries, misteries, bizarre, people or sports.
There is no audio but they are short stories with brifht and colourful images and pictures very apropiate for kids


They are online reading stories based on creatures
of the land and sea, insects and toy animals.


They are online stories that are a little bizarre including worms
diet, slimebags and more!
These reading stories are slightly more advanced.


They are children’s story books about disasters including of a lost toy bear,
ruining a best pair of jeans, mum’s loud laugh and more!


Online reading stories about Sport.
These stories are slightly more advanced and suit children of
ages 8 – 10.


They are online reading stories about discoveries. Children also learn fun facts
in some stories such as how rainbows are formed and where hail
comes from.


Stories about all kinds of people!


Children can solve the mysteries in What I Am and Who I Am
stories. At the end of other books like Dragon and Odd Jobs,
ask your students or child to suggest what happens next and
explain why.
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