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The english alley to learn english

english alley homeThe English Alley is a 100 % free website with one goal: to help improve your English vocabulary

How does it work?

Here you can find plenty of  lovely drawings that show the different vocabulary terms. Everything is organized in themes (house, park, school…) Here, they are in alphabetical order

When you put the cursor over the drawings you will hear the pronunciation of the words, and if you click on many of them it will give you access to a new vocabulary page.


HOW TO BE ENGLISH (my collection)

I like  those pictures about:  “How to be english” . So, I have been collecting them from different webs. Now, I want to share   my collection in case it could be useful for you.


ATTENTION: The webs from I have taken my collection are said at the bottom of this page. Many thanks to all of them.

(Click on each to make it bigger)

Old BritainHTBE C12Ye olde Britain

Asking the wayHTBE C15Asking the way

Mind the GapHTBE C13Mind the gap

The mighty spudHTBE C16The mighty spud

Eat fish and chipsHTBE C17Fish and chips

DrivingHTBE C14Driving

HTBE C20Pets

British beerHTBE C26British beer

True BritishHTBE C30True Brit

Learning by doingHTBE C27Learning by doing

My englishHTBE C1 My english

The telephone boxHTBE C28The telephone box

HTBE C29Arrival

How to know your english HTBE C2How to know your English Fluency

Test your englishHTBE C24Test your english

How to be politeHTBE C3How to be polite

Real EnglishHTBE C23Real english

How to start a conversationHTBE C25Meeting and greeting

Speak slowlyHTBE C3Speak slowly

How to complainHTBE C6How to complaint

Terms of endearmentHTBE C4Terms of endearment

DepartureHTBE C9Departure

How to pronounce the “th”HTBE C5How to pronounce the TH

Tourist attractionsHTBE C10Shopping

QueuingHTBE D2When visiting England

Tea timeHTBE C7 Tea time

Winners HTBE D6winners

Dress senseHTBE C8Dress Sense

British virtuesHTBE D!·British virtues

Coming up from a tourHTBE DComing up fron a tour

Free time
HTBE D4Free time


Mailing HTBE D10Mailing

British TraditionHTBE D7English traditions

On the phoneHTBE D9On the phone

The ClockHTBE D8The Clock

PresentsHTBE D14Presents

NeighboursHTBE D12Neighboughrs

Traditiions HTBE D16Traditions

In the streetHTBE D13In the street

GardeningHTBE D19Gardening

British FolkHTBE D15British folk

MendingHTBE D20mending


Free TimeHTBE D18Freetime

How to say Good byeHTBE D21How to say goodbye


You can have next ones  from Lee Gone Publications, the how to be British collections:“The How to be British Collection of Postcards” 

UK map,English Breakfast, Practise your prepositions, British abroad, The Big Ben, Brain of Britain, Weather, Words you need, The English family, Teatime, Practice your conditionals…




vocabulary2Practice English vocabulary, expressions, the alphabet and numbers. Within each category, place your cursor over an image or text to hear it pronounced aloud.

Then test your audio comprehension and speaking skills with the listening and speaking challenenge situated on the top right corner of each page.

Below, the contents you can find in the page.


Animals & Plants Pictures Gallery

In this web page you can find more than 9.400 great pictures and photos with a very good resolution to be used for flashcards, power points, presentations….
Here I leave some examples made by myself:


the leopard.ppt2


Below I leave the links to the different categories. Just …CLICK AND GO!


national geographic for kids- photos, videos and more

national geographic kids 3THis page has changed a lot. I have to rewrite it. Anyway it’s worthwhile to visit it

Before were much better than now. You have to register and, even if there are some free resources, they are continuously  offering the subscribtion.

national geographic kids 5In the same way This page has changed a lot. From my point of view, searching things were easier before than now.

national geographic kids2In “photos gallery ” there are photos about different  categries.

It has also changed a lot. 

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