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Learning english with audio books

Learning english with audiobooks

Learning english with audio books is a great technique to improve and learn english.

Lit2go is a great destination for audio and video learning. It contains over 50.000 educational audio books, podcast and videos. You have more than 160 titles.

How does this page work?

As an example I have chosen Oliver Twist

1.Choose your title from the collection and click on it.

4. And… here you are!


2. Go to: ” get this free title from”



3. As many books are divided in chapter, choose yours

There many more things apart  for literature as it is shown.


English project videos

english project 2ENGLISH PROJECT

This great project that I want to thank to Juana Rodríguez García (Foreign Language Adviser at Icod CEP 2011 L 2012)arises with the idea of showing different communicative learning situations (shopping at the supermarket, eating at a restaurant, buying a house). which could be used as a reference not for ESL teachers but also ESL pupils.It is a model devoted to be of use at the different educational stages: Infant, Primary, Secondary, Adult Education, Teachers and Official language school.

The project has?been?divided?into?two general levels (one and two) which are not intended for any specific stage, as they can both be used at any of them.?Each?communicative context can be adapted to the cycle/leveln which is being taught, either in Primary, Secondary or even Infants.The aspect that always changes is the degree of difficulty.

The project consists of:

  • -Three videos: the first one contains picture and sound, the second one has the addition of subtitles and the third one is a Karaoke version (right margin)Each video is accompanied by the exact dialoge (in PDF and Word formats) (right margin)
  • -A practise dialogue (in PDF and Word formats) which contains various examples of the subject with alternative vocabulary, expressions?(right margin)
  • -A sample vocabulary list (in PDF and Word formats) for each of the communicative situations contained in this project (right margin)
  • -A visual dictionary showing the word plus the picture and its pronunciation
As this is an extract you can download the “how to use this project” by cliking here
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