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Great site for reading:CommonLit

Great site for reading:

In the next video you can learn about CommonLit: how to make an account, sync student accounts, search the library, assign a text, and grade. BONUS: get a quick view of student features like Guided Reading Mode and the toolbar.

Everything you need to know about CommonLit in less than 10 minutes

Webinar: Getting Started with CommonLit Digital

Here there is a great site for reading to help your students: CommonLit that is a completely free literacy resource design for 3rd – 12th grade classrooms.  The resource is accessible on any internet-enabled device , questions, and tools for helping students improve their ELA skills.  Overall, CommonLit offers a wealth of possibilities for the classroom. 

It offers a growing collection of literacy resources include nonfiction documents, historical texts, poems, news articles,   and all of them  have some assessment tools and are aligned to CCSS.

This website is very helpful for educators looking to select texts for lesson plans. The site allows you to choose appropriate texts for your students. So that, you can choose:  a theme, discussion question, and grade level-band. CommonLit also includes text-dependent and discussion questions, vocabulary definitions, paired texts, and teacher guides.

The library  contains over 1100 readings, and it is continuosly expanding.  You can filter your search by grade level, theme, genre, related books, device (e.g. hyperbole, irony, etc.), and standard.  Additionally, each reading is characterized by type (e.g. alliteration, assonance etc.)

As a teacher,if you sign in you can have your own dashboard where you can see all the assignments your student’s progress (organized by class),  and you can also add a new assignment to send out to your students.

In addition, you can download the pdf and your students can read at the same time they can listen to the audio.

One more interesting thing is the dictionary . Just only you or your student select the word from the text with the mouse. Then, click the button with the open book icon to look the word up.

With CommonLit the students can also highlight, and translate features.  All of these are great for helping students with different needs.


Jack Prelutsky


Teach english through poems too. Why not? Poems are always a great source of teaching vocabulary, entonation, rythm, grammar and many more.

Jack Prelutsky is an American writer of children’s poetry. He lives in Seattle, Washington 

Here some of his poems that you can hear

Here I leave this  nice and great  Jack Prelutsky’ poem that I recommend you. In this poem you can listen to the writer  with great extra  sounds that I am sure yor children will love.

You can also download the poem





I have made my own worksheet using this poem to teach the comparatives

Here there is another  Jack Prelutsky’s great poem 

my brother has a habit

From: Jack Prelutsky poem

To encourage children to write poemsJAck prelustky

FromPoetry writing with Jack Prelutsky


POETRY-LITERACTIVE -reading on line-

literactive4Literactive is the leading provider of reading material for pre-school, kindergarten and grade 1 students available online.

The program is comprised of carefully levelled guided readers, comprehensive phonic activities and a wealth of supplemental reading material which gradually develop a child’s reading skills in a sequential and enjoyable manner.

Developed and approved by teachers and parents across the United States, Literactive is the acknowledged leader in early learning online. All the material is available for free from literactive but you need to register  that, of course, is also free.

ATTENTION!!! To play the Activities live you need to have the Flash 5 plug-in installed on your computer.
 Click here to go to the Macromedia site and install the Flash 5 plug-in.

In this collection of 13 live  poems you can listen to them, read them along and play games related with each one.


HIGHLIGHTS: e-books,stories, poems, jokes…


This is a very good page. In this site you can find some good materials for free. It is american english.
You will discover different collections of: stories, articles, poetry player , the Arizone stories, jokes… and all of them with AUDIO.
Below I leave the different links. Useful? I hope ,so!!!!
Click on the pictures
  • What’s Outside?

  • Lonely Pa Builds

  • A Mouse in the House

    • Fun in the Mud

    • Go Fish


Dexter Robin Learns to FlyBy Jennifer Gomoll

  • Belly Flops and Gutter BallsBy JoLynne Ricker Whalen

  • A House for MouseBy Crystal Mandell

  • Squealy ScholarBy Jill Esbaum

  • Wild Ride!By Susan Kneib Schank

  • Monster MeBy Eileen Spinelli

  • An EarfulBy Dale-Marie Bryan

  • Ants Are MarchingBy Judith Farnsworth




The Magic of VentriloquismBy Shari Thompson Babcock

Making the Most of Your MomentBy Marty Kaminsky

How the Weaverbird Built His NestBy George W. Frame, Ph.D., and Lory Herbison Frame

How to Grow Your Own Money TreeBy Paul H. O?Neill


Poetry and Sentences


For children from 10 and up. Read the short poem and answer the multiple choice comprehension questions – 3 questions about each verse- Once you have all the questions right you can move on to the next verse. There are 5 verses in all.

Works well on an interactive whiteboard.


For children from 10 and up.?A literacy game where you need to join the two sentences with a conjunction to make one sentence. You have to click on the bubble you think has the right conjuction in it. Then click “done” to see if you have chosen ?the right word.

?Make sure you choose the right conjunction.




Can I have a word? -Poems for your class that you can hear and download

word title

Has been developped by barbican education. Giving new ideas and resources to inspire creative writing in the classroom. Great newly commissioned poetry from the UK’s leading poets, visual stimuli to fire children’s imagination and suggested activities for teachers to try!




(Personally, I recommend you not to miss the ones related with human body)

Once you are in the page, if you click on changing voicies you will find 6 poems. And, of course , the pdf that you can download (I leave here a copy in case you want to have a look previously)

Click here for worksheet

The poems are:
1.- I Am My Balloon, read by Meshack Asare
2.- The Recruit, read by Valerie Bloom
3.- Auntie Marcy’s Season of Magpies, read by Jack Mapanje
4.-They Tried To Look Up Freedom, read by Beverley Naidoo
5.– Hope, read by Olusola Oyeleye
6.-Passive Ressistance in the School, read by Shereen Pandit
Once you are in the page, if you click on “elementes” you will find 4 poems. And, of course , the pdf that you can download (I leave here a copy in case you want to have a look previously)

Click here for worksheet

The poems are:
1.- Air , read by Margot Henderson
2.-Bush Fire, read by Jackie Kay
3.– Flicker Licker The Fiery Flame, read by Olusola Oyeleye
4.-Air,read by Michael Rosen
Once you are in the page, if you click on “elementes” you will find 6 poems. And, of course, the pdf that you can download (I leave here a copy in case you want to have a look previously)

Click here for worksheet

The poems are:
1.- My Nose, read by Valerie Bloom
2.-Haath Milao Let’s Shake On It, read by Debjani Chatterjee
3.– Inside Outside,read by Margot Henderson
4.-Hear, Here, Hear, Here I Amread by Jared Louche
5.-Mothers Nature, read by Rogwer Robinson
6.- Me and You, read by Michael Rosen
Once you are in the page, if you click on “elementes” you will find 7 poems. And, of course, the pdf that you can download (I leave here a copy in case you want to have a look previously)

Click here for worksheet

The poems are:
1.- Calypso’s song, read by Malika Booker
2.-A letter From Nobody, read by Margot Henderson
3.– Homer Sweet Homer, read by Jared Louche
4.-The Siren’s Call, read by John Mole
5.-From Son To Mother, read by Michael Rosen
6.- Special Delivery, read by Eva Salzman
7.- A Letter With Love, read by Jacob Sam La Rose

Book time

In this page you will find out different activities divided in 6 categories: Rhymes, drawing and colouring, counting games, memory games, nature games and wallpaper and screensavers.

All the activities are very, very simple and for very young learners. I think they are more for fun ?at home than for learning in your class.

The best one, in my opinion, is the Poems that is already seen in the reading tab of this page.

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