WInnie the witch stories

WInnie the witch stories

Winnie the witch  loves Wilbur, her big black cat. She also loves her orange and yellow stripy tights, pumpkin soup, and waving her magic wand.


Wilbur loves Winnie. He also loves broomstick rides with Winnie, cheesecake, and curling up in his basket.

Winnie the Witch, Winnie´s house cartoon

Winnie in winter

Winnie's Amazing Pumpkin

Winnie's new computer

Winnie flies Again

Winnie's Flying Carpet!

Winnie the witch's song

Winnie of the seaside

Winnie's magic wand

Winnie in Space

Winnie's Midnight Dragon

Happy Birthday, Winnie

Winnie the witch's vocabulary

Winnie the witch's song 2

I want to appreciate the great work done by Alex and her daughters to improve reading. Videos that I recommend you to have a look. click here if you want to know more about it.

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